Legal: Patents

  • Searchmetrics Files “IPRs” To Invalidate BrightEdge Patents

    … Roughly a year ago several BrightEdge SEO-related patents were granted. The company almost immediately turned around and sued Searchmetrics for violation of five of that IP. Searchmetrics has now filed what’s called an “inter partes review” (IPR) petition to essentially invalidate some or all of them. The essence of the trial-like IPR…

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  • Google Patent For Ads That Follow You Surfaces

    … Imagine if after clicking on an ad, it expanded and then persisted as you navigated to additional web content linked to from the ad itself. That’s what’s laid out in a Google patent that recently popped up in the public records and has gone unnoticed. The patent, which dates back to 2003 with a continuation made in 2011 (US 8838479), is titled…

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  • Google Wins Patent-Infringement Appeal Against Vringo

    … Google appears to have finally come out on top in its patent-infringement battle with Vringo Inc. In a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington overturned the nearly $30.5 million verdict against Google from 2012. Vringo claimed filtering technology used in Google's AdWords and AdSense products was covered…

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