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  • Google Dorking: It’s All Fun & Games Until The Hackers Show Up

    For anyone not in the know, Google Dorking is the practice of using advanced search techniques – more specifically, specialized search parameters – to locate hard-to-find web pages and information. As innocent as it sounds, Google Dorking has a dark side – so dark, federal authorities are warning website owners of its dangerous nature.

    Amy Gesenhues/ Search Engine Land- 4 readers -
  • New Search Engine Indexeus Exposes Hackers, Data Breaches

    … A new search engine called Indexeus sought to expose hackers and their exploits unless they "donated" $1 for every record that they wanted to conceal from public view. In response to the claim that this is extortion, Portuguese founder Jason Relinquo says the aim of Indexeus wasn't blackmail but to expose security risks and data vulnerabilities…

    Greg Sterling/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 7 readers -