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    • SPI 299: The Humble Beginnings of Hmong Baby

      The road to beginning a successful online business is full of hard lessons. I’m kicking off the new year with a story about learning, making mistakes, and succeeding anyway. I’m sitting down with the founders of Hmong Baby, a couple who, after experimentation and validation, were able to have enormous success with their products.

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    • My December 2017 Monthly Income Report

      Welcome to my December 2017 monthly income report! We’re well into January now and things are flying over here at SPI headquarters. I’m working on getting ready for my YouTube push next month (subscribe here so you don’t miss anything) as well as some behind the scenes implementation of funnels for my online courses. More on that and other 2018 plans later in this report.

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  • My November 2017 Monthly Income Report

    Over the past few years, the business has become more and more like a machine. Although I’m definitely keeping myself busy with new projects, more parts of the business become automated. This is thanks to the team that I’ve built, the software we’re using, and the rules and procedures we have in place. The blog, the podcast, the emails—a lot of it is automated, which is great.

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  • Build Your Own Brand 5-Day Challenge Begins Today!

    … to begin the 5-Day BYOB Challenge! I’ve been helping people make their mark online since 2009 when I started teaching this stuff, primarily through blog posts and a popular YouTube video about starting a blog. That information was helpful, but it wasn’t the best and most convenient experience to learn by, not to mention it was nearly impossible to keep…

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  • Build Your Own Brand 5-Day Challenge Begins Next Week!

    …, or build your audience—although that may naturally come later as a result of the initial work you do. But at the end of the challenge I will give you resources you can use to keep going and move to the next steps. Here are a few things you can expect in the BYOB Challenge: It is built on Teachable, like a course, but structured as a challenge…

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  • SPI 284: Crowdfunding Secrets for Success with Clay Hebert

    … This month I’m exploring all things crowdfunding. How do you validate and fine-tune your project? What’s the best way to go big with a Kickstarter campaign, not only to earn income, but for exposure as well? What mistakes do failed campaigns make and how can you avoid them? Here to answer those questions and more is crowdfunding expert Clay Hebert…

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  • My August 2017 Monthly Income Report

    … Welcome to my August 2017 Monthly Income Report! I’m excited to keep you up to date on the inner workings of SPI and all that happens here in the business, from the wins, the losses, and even the income and where it all comes from. If this is your first time here, make sure to check out the income report page where you can see the history…

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  • SPI 283: Six-Figures in an Obscure Niche with Cassidy Tuttle

    … I want you all to meet Cassidy Tuttle. She’s the founder of Succulents and Sunshine, a thriving online business that has earned her six figures and grown to include a popular blog, a book, online courses, and more. She’s done it all while operating in a relatively obscure niche—teaching others to raise succulent plants—and she’s here today…

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  • Physical Product Experiment [PPE #5] – Product Testing

    … of behind-the-scenes snapshots of the beta testing packages we sent out. Fun, right? Thanks to my team for the hard work at putting those packages together and shipping them out to the students! There’s something special about the fact that it’s a physical, tangible product (as opposed to a digital one), that just makes it seem more real—for me…

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