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    • My September 2016 Income Report

      Latest Goings-On in September “Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?” Bonus points for anyone who knows that reference September was a great month, which started with a family trip to Disneyland. Yes, we visit Disneyland a lot, but not always to just walk around the park. Sometimes we run! This time, my wife was signed up to run the Disneyland Half Marathon.

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  • SPI Pro Theme Demo – SPI TV Ep. 54

    The SPI Pro Theme is here! Smart Passive Income and StudioPress have partnered to create this beautiful, new theme based on the one I used on SmartPassiveIncome.com from 2013 to 2016. Today, I'm walking you through just how easy it is to use. So many people ask me, "What's the best WordPress theme for my website?" This is it, folks: the theme I recommend you use for your online ...

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  • Announcing the SPI Pro Theme on StudioPress!

    … For years, people have asked me to create a WordPress theme that is easy to use, effective, and looks great. In fact, between December 2013 and April 2016, I had hundreds of requests for the exact theme I was using before I radically upgraded SPI earlier this year. I even found a few websites who ripped off the design of my previous theme…

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  • How to Repurpose Audio Content Like a Machine

    … episode, but you don’t want to do that. Experiment, test, and see if you can get a good system in place to take advantage of the sawdust that you create every day when you’re creating. Try one, see how it works, and then try another if you have the bandwidth. Utilize your team, take note of the steps you take along the way, and you’ll…

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  • Why Webinars Are Important (Webinar Ninja Demo) – SPI TV Ep. 49

    In today's episode, I'm talking all about webinars, an incredibly powerful tool in your online marketing toolbox. I'll be demoing one of my favorite tools for running webinars, Webinar Ninja. The best way to do business will always be the old-fashioned way: in person, face-to-face. That's why I encourage online business owners to go to conferences, where you can shake hands and ...

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  • Strategies for Getting Course Customers to Take Action

    … is there, since there is no specific end date or goal other than being in a community and receiving access to content, it’s more difficult to keep people motivated to engage with the content and for them to also feel like they’re getting results. This is why, on these types of models, there’s typically a significant drop-off that occurs after three…

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