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  • How to Start with Paid Advertising

    … I’ve never run a paid advertisement for my own products. Why? Well, simply because I’ve never had any products of my own to sell. One of my goals for 2017 is to shift the higher percentage of income coming from affiliate marketing (selling the products of others for a commission) to earnings generated from my own stuff. The primary driver…

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  • My March 2017 Monthly Income Report

    … about something I call my BLP formula, which is short for my Book to List to Product formula. I shared the results of my year-long journey since launching Will It Fly? almost exactly one year earlier, and how that turned into a highly engaged email list (using my free companion course), and then finally how that turned into a paid course in Smart From…

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  • Smart From Scratch Now Available!

    ….” “I feel like I’m just wasting my time.” “I’m overwhelmed by all of the information out there to help me start a business.” “I’m not sure what kind of business I’d like to create.” “Maybe I should just give up.” If yes, then Smart from Scratch is the answer. If you already have a business up and running, this course is NOT for you…

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  • The Sad Truth about Your Half-Finished Projects

    … stress and saves me a ton of time and money. The post I wrote was meant to increase awareness of this valuable skill but also use it as a “feeler” to see whether or not people would be interested in learning how to use Photoshop or software similar to Photoshop. In short, there was a lot of interest. As a result, in addition to a webinar, I had…

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  • My September 2016 Income Report

    … because she never gets the credit she deserves for all she does to support the family. In addition to that, but still related to the family, I had some really important meetings early in the month with some experts on estate planning. Estate planning is just a nicer way of defining “what’s going to happen to all your stuff when you die.” My wife and I…

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