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  • SPI 284: Crowdfunding Secrets for Success with Clay Hebert

    … This month I’m exploring all things crowdfunding. How do you validate and fine-tune your project? What’s the best way to go big with a Kickstarter campaign, not only to earn income, but for exposure as well? What mistakes do failed campaigns make and how can you avoid them? Here to answer those questions and more is crowdfunding expert Clay Hebert…

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  • Open Cart or Closed Cart? That Is the Question.

    … poured all of that learning and inspiration into my recent online course launches: Smart From Scratch and Power-Up Podcasting. I’m so thankful for that. As I continue to learn more (there’s always more to learn!) about selling and promoting products online, there’s one question that I keep asking myself (and, as I’ve realized, I’m not alone…

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  • My July 2017 Monthly Income Report

    … Welcome to my July 2017 Monthly Income Report. Thanks for checking it out! Each month, I write a detailed report about my online businesses, including what I’ve been up to, the lessons I’ve learned, and, of course, the money I’ve earned online. I’ve been publishing these reports since October 2008, so make sure you check out the income reports…

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  • Physical Product Experiment [PPE #4] Manufacturing & Shipping

    … translates to additional costs. We want to create an amazing product that’s reasonably priced, but to do that properly takes time and patience to ensure we have the steps in place—from shipping to manufacturing to materials—to get it done effectively and as cost-efficiently as possible. I’ll share more specifics about the costs in the next installment…

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  • SPI 275: Real Stories and Results from 3 Brand-New Podcasters

    … Today’s episode stars not one guest, but three! Joining me are Dr. Shannon Irvine, Rob Stuart, and Dr. Barbara Cohen—all students from the beta version of my latest course, Power-Up Podcasting. All three have had incredible experiences along the road to launching their first podcasts, and today they’re sharing their stories. I’ve shared a lot…

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  • Announcing Power-Up Podcasting

    … Today is the big day! I’m extremely happy to announce the first public launch of my brand new course, Power-Up Podcasting, a complete online training course with all of the information you need—not just to set up a high-quality podcast (without spending a ton on expensive equipment), but also how to launch and market your show so that it can…

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  • SPI 274: How to Avoid the Sell with Chalene Johnson

    … favorite strategies for beta testing new products, setting a price point, overcoming self-doubt, and avoiding that “slimy” feeling we associate with selling. She’ll also share personal stories from her own launches and what she’s learned about building an audience of devoted, enthusiastic fans. I created my latest course, Power-Up Podcasting, to help…

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  • My June 2017 Monthly Income Report

    Welcome to my June 2017 Monthly Income Report! I’ve got a great one for you this month, as it includes earnings from my recent Smart From Scratch online course launch. But, as always, let me first share what these income reports are all about, for those who may be new. Income Summary Last month: $111,820.46 This month: $184,094.67 Last 12 months: $1,817,193.

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  • Top 10 Tips for Brand New Podcasters

    … of my own shows, and helping thousands of others create their own. 1. Push the Fear Aside and Just Get Started In December 2008 when SPI was only three months old, I published a blog post announcing my new, upcoming podcast. I even published my first audio file online, just to test my new microphone equipment. Here is that audio file below. It’s…

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  • How to Start with Paid Advertising

    … traffic straight to purchase offer. Run some engagement only campaigns 1st, then retarget engagers to next step. — Laura Petersen (@LaptopLaura) March 22, 2017 @PatFlynn just follow Digital Marketer’s example… lead magnet, trip wire, then core offer. — Chris Huntley (@mrchrishuntley) March 21, 2017 Lesson #4: Test, Analyze, and Keep Testing…

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