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    • A Dos and Don’ts Guide to Finding Business Partners

      Some of the most common questions I receive from the SPI audience are about the legal aspect of starting a business. Although I’ve had my fair share of legal-related experiences (both positive and negative) since starting my business, I also know that I don’t know everything and need someone in my corner who does. That’s why I’ve been working with Richard A. Chapo from SoCalInternetLawyer.

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  • How to Start with Paid Advertising

    … for their own best practices and things to watch out for. I’ve asked my close friends and colleagues for guidance already, but some of the best advice I’ve received so far has come from the SPI audience and fans, many of whom have way more experience than I have in this realm. I proposed a simple question on Twitter not too long ago, and I’ve…

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  • My April 2017 Monthly Income Report

    … Welcome to my April 2017 Monthly Income Report! As always, I create these reports to share the latest happenings with my online businesses, including the wins, the failures, the lessons learned, and the income generated along the way. Income Summary Last month: $258,737.45 This month: $102,915.99 Last 12 months: $1,764,106.36 Expenses…

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Predictable Marketing Funnels

    … problems!) have been behind the scenes building scalable marketing funnels for some of the top online influencers and thought leaders. We’ve experienced first-hand that even the most amazing ads are just one piece of the puzzle. Start With Your Funnel First, Ads Second. In the rest of this post, I’m going to share our biggest lessons and behind…

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  • Thanks to You, a Lifelong Dream Came True

    … From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You helped make a really important dream of mine come true. Ever since I started this entrepreneurial journey in 2008, I’ve always wanted to write a book, and it was my dream to one day walk into a bookstore with my kids and point it out to them. I even published a blog post back in 2012 that said…

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  • SPI 260: Undergoing a Website Overhaul with Rocket Code

    … for collaborating with your designer. Mistakes to avoid when working with your web development team. Tips for giving feedback and improving how you communicate with designers. Advice for hiring the right people to work with you on your website. How to filter your audience's feedback on your site design. Dusty and Corey's favorite…

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  • Website Redesign—One Year Later (Critical Lessons Learned)

    … more content on the website. Instead of a two-post homepage feature, now you could see see up to six pieces of content on the homepage. On the blog page, instead of seeing the headlines and first 500 words of about ten articles after scrolling down, you can easily see the headlines of about twelve posts in a grid format, so you don’t have to scroll…

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  • SPI 258: The Productivity Project with Chris Bailey

    … Productivity Month continues this week with even more tips and strategies for making the most of your day. Joining me today is expert Chris Bailey, author of The Productivity Project, with some incredible research that just might change how you think about productivity. Lots of us measure our productivity by how much we produce or create in a day…

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  • SPI 255: Deep Work with Cal Newport

    … by Cal’s approach to staying focused, and I can’t wait for you all to hear and benefit from it, too! Thanks for Listening! To share your thoughts: Leave a note in the comment section below. Ask a question over on AskPat.com. Share this show on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. To help out the show: Leave an honest review on iTunes…

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  • My January 2017 Monthly Income Report

    … Welcome to the first Income Report of 2017! Here, I’ll be detailing line items from January 2017, including income sources and expenses. As always, I’ll also be sharing what’s been going on internally and what the plans are in the coming months. If you’d like to get a record of all Monthly Income Reports dating back to October 2008, you can…

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