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  • Start. Stop. Continue. Making Real Progress in Your Business

    … we’re talking about data tracking and analytics, it’s easy to forget that. They are humans, they are part of your audience, they are cherished members of your community. Treat them that way! Another important lesson I’ve learned recently is this: “You can’t progress when you don’t start, stop, and continue.” Now, hopefully we all have goals…

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  • My November 2017 Monthly Income Report

    … Over the past few years, the business has become more and more like a machine. Although I’m definitely keeping myself busy with new projects, more parts of the business become automated. This is thanks to the team that I’ve built, the software we’re using, and the rules and procedures we have in place. The blog, the podcast, the emails—a lot…

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  • A Dos and Don’ts Guide to Finding Business Partners

    … the perfect person. A 50/50 ownership split is agreed upon, the partners kick in an agreed upon capital, you form an LLC but never get around to an operating agreement, and off the two of you go to launch the business. A year passes, and the perfect partner starts missing days. Can you fire them? Can you just revoke their ownership interest or do you…

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  • How to Start with Paid Advertising

    … compiled the replies into categories so that myself, and others who are exploring paid advertising, can figure this out: For those of you who run paid ads to your business, what’s the #1 piece of advice you have to offer to someone who is brand new to it? (1/2) — Pat Flynn (@PatFlynn) March 21, 2017 Lesson #1: It’s All About Targeting…

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  • My April 2017 Monthly Income Report

    Welcome to my April 2017 Monthly Income Report! As always, I create these reports to share the latest happenings with my online businesses, including the wins, the failures, the lessons learned, and the income generated along the way. Income Summary Last month: $258,737.45 This month: $102,915.99 Last 12 months: $1,764,106.36 Expenses Summary Last month: $46,620.

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  • Thanks to You, a Lifelong Dream Came True

    … From the bottom of my heart, thank you! You helped make a really important dream of mine come true. Ever since I started this entrepreneurial journey in 2008, I’ve always wanted to write a book, and it was my dream to one day walk into a bookstore with my kids and point it out to them. I even published a blog post back in 2012 that said the exact…

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  • SPI 260: Undergoing a Website Overhaul with Rocket Code

    … At this time last year, SmartPassiveIncome.com got a serious facelift. With the help of the amazing team over at RocketCode.io, we revamped the website to make it faster, sleeker, and more searchable, all in pursuit of providing you guys with the best experience possible. In today’s episode, you’ll meet two of the people who made this website…

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  • Website Redesign—One Year Later (Critical Lessons Learned)

    … this! The design before the recent update wasn’t terrible. In fact, it was great! We actually converted the custom theme into a distributable WordPress theme that hundreds of people have since downloaded and are now using for their own website. It’s called the SPI Pro Theme, and you can check it out here on StudioPress. It was the number one downloaded theme…

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