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    • Top 10 Podcast Recording Tips to Sound Like a Podcasting Pro

      I believe podcasting is one of the most powerful tools available to build your brand and your audience. And when it comes to creating a great podcast, the real magic happens when you’re recording. Over several years and hundreds of episodes, I’ve uncovered several crucial tips that have helped me improve my craft and produce podcast content that keeps people engaged and coming back for more.

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    • SPI 304: Building an Online Course From Start to Finish

      Last year I built three online courses—premium courses that people paid for—as well as a fourth free course. They’ve been working like gangbusters: In 2017 I earned $1 million in revenue from online courses alone. Online courses have been an incredible experience for me, and today I’m sharing the ten steps you can take to create life-changing online courses for your audience.

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    • SPI 305: The Funnel After the Funnel with Nicole Walters

      Today’s special guest is Nicole Walters of NicoleWalters.tv, who’s talking about the funnel after the funnel, what that is, and why it’s so critical to her mindset and success. We’ll also be talking about how she quit her job . . . in front of a live audience! Since then, she’s built a seven-figure business while being an amazing mother too.

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  • SPI 306: Rise of the Youpreneur with Chris Ducker

    … Today I have a very special guest: Chris Ducker of ChrisDucker.com and Youpreneur, and author of the new book Rise of the Youpreneur! Chris and I have been friends for eight years now. He’s been on the show before but we’ve never gotten this deep. A lot of people may not be familiar with the side of Chris we’re going to be talking about today…

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  • SPI 294: 21 Top Places to Include an Affiliate Link

    … So, you have the perfect affiliate product and you’re excited to tell your audience all about it. The only thing is . . . where do you put that affiliate link? This is the episode you’re going to want to listen to, because it’ll tell you exactly where you should be putting your affiliate products (and where you’re probably not putting them…

    Pat Flynn/ The Smart Passive Income Blogin Affiliate- 16 readers -
  • A Letter to All Current and Future Affiliate Marketers

    …. Here’s an example: A company I trusted and promoted started to fail my audience, and me. I started getting reviews from my audience about the company that were less than stellar. So, I flew to the company’s headquarters and had a serious chat with the CEO to see what was going on. I learned that changes were indeed being made, and although it took…

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  • The 2 Quickest Ways to Generate an Income Online

    …, the emphasis on being quick. I’ve witnessed several new business owners who’ve put speed over quality and value, only to end up further behind than where they were when they started. Second, it implies trying to avoid the work it really takes to make money online. Building a successful business takes a lot of effort and strategy. From research…

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  • SPI 288: Interview with Bec and Joe from The 4 Blades

    … The story of how Bec and Joe stumbled on the Thermomix, and what that is. How Bec and Joe developed a digital magazine for their brand. How podcasting made a huge difference for The 4 Blades. Why The 4 Blades' paid product is digital publishing. How The 4 Blades community gets involved with each issue. How Bec and Joe use challenges…

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  • Build Your Own Brand 5-Day Challenge Begins Today!

    … to remove any financial hurdles that may prevent you from getting started. You will need to invest a little bit of money upfront anyway (for a domain name and hosting plan), so I don’t want to add any other expenses that may trip you up. I earn an affiliate commission from some of the products I recommend (at no extra cost to you). But my main goal…

    Pat Flynn/ The Smart Passive Income Blog- 14 readers -
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