Leverage is an American television drama series, which aired on TNT from December 7, 2008 to December 25, 2012. The series was produced by Electric Entertainment, a production company of executive producer and director Dean Devlin. Leverage follows a five-person team: a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a retrieval specialist, led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who use their skills to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens.Season 1 consists of thirteen episodes, which writers John Rogers and Chris Downey and producer Dean Devlin intended to be a complete story should the series not be renewed.
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    • The Power of Saying “No” (And The Dreaded Tire Kicker)

      In life, your most valuable resource is time. You’ll find me blogging quite often about productivity tools and strategies because any incremental gain in productivity is an investment that will pay huge dividends. It’s unfortunate that certain people out there, often unintentionally, do not treat your time with value. Or, they just may not know the true value of your time.

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  • Breaking Through My Creative Block

    …. As someone with a multitude of projects on my plate, I always prioritized other projects above this one. Last week, I figured the time had come. I needed to conquer this project! Today’s blog post is a productivity-focused one, highlighting my experience on how I tackled this project while having a blast. Mindstate My New Workspace For The Day…

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  • My 15-Day Mentorbox Challenge: Investing In Myself

    … Those who have been following PPC Ian for a while know that I’m a huge proponent of Mentorbox by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr (also known as Mentor Box). In fact, My Mentorbox Review is one of the more popular posts on this blog. And, my three YouTube videos have done quite well too: My Mentorbox Video Review My Mentorbox by Tai Lopez and Alex…

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  • My Mentorbox Review

    … If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you can probably tell that I’m heavily invested in my career and professional success. This can be a good thing, a great thing. It can also be a risky thing if you forget to invest in yourself. After all, you are your greatest asset and any investment you make in yourself will multiply many times over…

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  • What If You Had To Pay With Dividends?

    …, You Have A Market Capitalization Just Like SBUX At the end of the day, you are a business. You are no different than Starbucks. If you can eliminate expenses from your life, your personal market capitalization increases. Remember from my recent post about Your Margin Is Made On The Margin, that margin is leverage. If you increase your margin (your…

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  • Your Margin Is Made On The Margin

    … I’m a tremendous fan of business and life quotes. They fuel me with ideas, motivation, and determination. While I cannot take credit for today’s quote (it’s from an executive at a prior company), it’s one of the best I have ever heard. "Your margin is made on the margin." Today, I’ll share what this quote means and how it can deliver success…

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