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    • 7 Evergreen Tips to Beat Telecommuting Blues

      Telecommuting is on the rise and we’re not surprised! Photo by Jeff Sheldon The popularity of teleworking can be attributed to its various benefits, which include saved time and money, reduced downtime, increased productivity, and decreased attrition rates. Those are its benefits are from an employer’s point of view.

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  • 3 Ways You Can Show That You Value Your Employees

    … to be serving. But some would argue that any company making it a habit to listen to its customers over its employees has misplaced its priorities. Of course your customers are important. Your product or service ought to be one that benefits the people who trust you enough to give you their money. But recognize that satisfied and reliable employees…

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  • You Need to Avoid This Freelancing Pitfall

    … not even be aware that you need to get away. But once you’ve taken a little time at the beach or the mountains, you realize after you get home that you feel rejuvenated as a result of your break. The Freelancing Pitfall Now that I’m freelancing, I find it somewhat easier to rest well in light of what I learned as a teacher. However…

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  • 5 Unusual Workplace Benefits That You Did Not Know Existed

    … of which are very inexpensive for a company to adopt. For instance, an employee under the age of 35 would rather have free lunch in the office each week as opposed to a pay raise. What other alternative benefits can employers use to retain their best talent? 1. A Flexible Schedule Helps Employees with Work/Life Balance Consider allowing flextime…

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  • The Importance of Relaxation When Starting a New Company

    … without the aid of medications. These strategies will eventually alleviate the amount of stress you face. For example, you can easily learn and use Eastern techniques, such as deep breathing exercises from the Zen philosophy. Once you have learned the art of “stepping away” from the here and now by taking those deep, slow life-giving breaths, you…

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  • Your Digital Lifestyle – Is Your Social Media Addiction Providing Value?

    … Passion (blog post) 21 Tips to Balance Social Media Addiction, Life and Real Work Subscribe to the Series on iTunes -> iTunes Subscribe to the Series on Stitcher -> Stitcher Subscribe to the Series on SoundCloud -> SoundCloud Related Stories How Small Business & Startups can Rock Big Business Competition How to Manage Social Media Brand Risk & Stomp Fear of Getting Started Relationships are the Life Raft of Technology & Social Media Evolution …

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