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  • 3 Ways You Can Show That You Value Your Employees

    … It’s a common saying: the customer is always right. It’s not hard to see why this expression became popular. Saying the customer is always right seems to emphasize the high standards of any company that would follow this motto. Contradicting this idea seems to imply that businesses should focus on themselves over those they are supposed…

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  • You Need to Avoid This Freelancing Pitfall

    … There is much to be said for a strong work ethic, a “can do” attitude, and for persevering when you feel tired. But like with anything in life, it’s easy to take a good principle to an unhealthy extreme. Photo by Haley Phelps Freelancers need to realize that going on vacation is not merely enjoyable but also crucial to a wholesome life…

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  • 5 Unusual Workplace Benefits That You Did Not Know Existed

    … of which are very inexpensive for a company to adopt. For instance, an employee under the age of 35 would rather have free lunch in the office each week as opposed to a pay raise. What other alternative benefits can employers use to retain their best talent? 1. A Flexible Schedule Helps Employees with Work/Life Balance Consider allowing flextime…

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  • The Importance of Relaxation When Starting a New Company

    … understand just how and why relaxation is so important, maybe the following information will drive home why. Check Out the Benefits of Relaxation According to doctors and other health professionals around the world, relaxation has a huge number of health benefits. These advantages can have a profound impact on any business owner, old or new…

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