Lifetime Value (Ltv)

  • Want to Be a World-Class Marketer? Learn from Gaming Companies.

    …”) and Supercell (“Clash of Clans”) are some of the smartest out there when it comes to using their data to get the absolute most from their marketing dollars. In a sense, these companies need to be nearly perfect at executing their mobile marketing strategy, just to survive. After all, they don’t have a chance to put their products in physical stores…

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  • Rise of the Social Geeks: the Evolution of Social Media Marketing

    … with the addition of each new fan. Though “likes” are not as valuable as they once were, they can still save you money over time because Facebook allows you to pay less to reach fans than non-fans. A big question, then, becomes “What is it worth to me to add a new fan?” The answer is that it depends on the person, based on their likely lifetime value…

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  • 10 Must-Haves for Your Social Advertising Partner

    … reviewing the value of certain targeting features is customizable options that suit the needs of any type of advertiser. 10 As mentioned before, advertisers who want to achieve scale in a timely manner are best matched with a preferred partner of Facebook and/or Twitter. Regardless, it’s critical that any vendor you’re reviewing is equipped…

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  • 2014’s Best of Mobile Marketing Blogs

    … With so many people walking around with five-ounce digital billboards in their pockets, mobile marketing is the best way to catch the attention of on-the-go consumers. The post 2014’s Best of Mobile Marketing Blogs appeared first on Adknowledge…

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  • 2014’s Best of Social Media Advertising Blogs

    … With more than 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook, another 300 million on Instagram and 284 million on Twitter, it’s a safe bet that social media are here to stay. It’s one of the reasons Adknowledge devoted so much time and space to all-things-social in 2014. The post 2014’s Best of Social Media Advertising Blogs appeared first…

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  • Want A Digital Video? Ask These Five Questions First.

    … At this point, I’m gonna assume that there’s a fair chance you’ve surfed the World Wide Interwebs. You’ve probably also noticed that your favorite Jack Paar TV programs can now be seen on those crazy new machines called "computers." Not only that, your fancy new rotary phone (the one without the curly wire and that doesn’t require Sarah from…

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  • 6 Common Ad Budget Mistakes Media Managers Can Easily Avoid

    … customer acquisition costs and your lifetime value forecasts—are spot-on. Every campaign requires a process of experimentation and learning–the opportunity to start small before making a big commitment. The challenge, however, is that these tests can be expensive. Estimates that are off by a penny cost-per-click (CPC) could cost your business hundreds…

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  • 5 Habits of Highly Effective Mobile Marketers

    To be a successful mobile marketer, you need to have a refined and highly specialized set of skills. A rudimentary understanding of modern marketing strategies simply won’t cut it in the mobile industry. Mobile marketing requires a radically different approach from traditional marketing; many rules have been changed.

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  • 5 Habits of Highly Effective Mobile Marketers

    … a frustrating experience or a lack of value will quickly uninstall it. That’s why you have to make sure your business is releasing a finished product right out of the gate—and that it will genuinely give something worthwhile to your customers. While you no longer have to justify an investment into mobile marketing like you might have a few years back, you…

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