Linguistics is the scientific study of language. There are broadly three aspects to the study, which include language form, language meaning, and language in context. The earliest known activities in the description of language have been attributed to Pāṇini around 500 BCE, with his analysis of Sanskrit in Ashtadhyayi.Language can be understood as an interplay of sound and meaning. The discipline that studies linguistic sound is termed as phonetics, which is concerned with the actual properties of speech sounds and non-speech sounds, and how they are produced and perceived.
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    … in her (and her agency’s) DNA, even if she’s never viewed it as such. On a personal level, I have no idea how she manages so much – a key role in managing an agency, editing State of Digital, AND looking after a very young child, whilst still looking like she just walked off the pages of a magazine. She’s something of a superhero in my book…

    Samantha Noble/ State of Digitalin Paid Search SEO Mobile- 24 readers -
  • Are Your Big Words Causing Small Headaches?

    … for the purpose is the Hemingway app. While it doesn’t measure the reading level of your content with the same complexity, it is quite easy to use. With a colour-coded system, it shows you where sentences might be too long or complicated, where you’ve chosen weak adverbs, and which words in your article or post could be replaced with shorter ones…

    Randy Milanovic/ KAYAK ONLINE MARKETING BLOG in Content- 4 readers -
  • Co-Occurrence as a Ranking Signal

    TL;DR: A little-known property of Google Books search highlights co-occurrence as a ranking signal. The concept of co-occurrence (not to be confused with co-citation) has been on the radar of many search professionals for a while. I accepted the idea as common sense and never thought to investigate it further, then one day I stumbled into a peculiar set of search results ...

    Dan Petrovic/ DEJAN SEO- 16 readers -
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