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  • I’ll stop the world and link with you

    I’m sure you get a bazillion emails a day. I feel like I spend half my time weeding through them because I’m afraid I’ll miss something legitimate. I might open one out of every 30 emails that come from someone I don’t recognize. The latest outreach email that really grabbed my attention had several things going for it: First, it was very personalized but not over-the-top stalky.

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  • 7 Strategic Decisions You'll Need to Make for Your Link Building Campaign

    … impossible to build authority online without association with other authorities--and that goes for search rankings as well as earning followers and a generally bigger reputation. Link building is indispensable for establishing those associations. Strategic Decisions to Make Before you go posting links indiscriminately, take some time to sit down…

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  • Ask Yoast: Links to PDF files

    … If you’re starting with an (eCommerce) site you might have a lot of content that’s already available in PDF files: product brochures, datasheets, pricing information and so on. So some people might think: why not upload these PDF files and link to them? There are some disadvantages to showing PDF files on your site though. We’ll discuss some…

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  • Link Building Without The SEO Risks

    … In this article Glen Dimaandal goes deep into one of the biggest subjects in search engine optimization (SEO) – Link building and how to avoid the SEO Risks often associated with it. We are firm believers in natural linking – in other words, we never ask for links and we regularly place external links on our website that takes our visitors…

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  • When to end your client/link provider relationship

    …. 2. They don’t listen to your feedback about the links they build. If you don’t like a link and explain the reasons why, but all they do is push back without taking your feedback into account, that’s something that probably won’t change. One instance might not be a big deal. If you’re unhappy with several links they’re building…

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  • The Ultimate List Of Free SEO Tutorials

    … – better keyword research, improved link building or even if you’re just looking to learn how to SEO for your new blog – there are free SEO tutorials to show you exactly how to do it. So if you’re ready to level up your SEO game, it’s time to read on… What You Will Learn This article isn’t the biggest list of SEO Tutorials on the web. Instead…

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  • 6 Content Hacks to Earn More Links

    … 13 September 2016 BY Pete Campbell Content marketing has a number of KPIs, from Social Interactions, Organic Traffic, Social Engagements to Link Building. Many brands have Content Marketing strategies in place, but what quick things can they change in order to give their content the best chance of earning off-site coverage and followed…

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  • Fixing historical redirects using Wayback Machine APIs

    … referring domains were recovered, according to Ahrefs. Normally, when I see sudden spikes like this in Ahrefs, I would start looking for spam, but in this case, it’s just recovering links to pages on previous versions of the website that haven’t existed in a while. How long would it take to get those links with a link-building campaign versus…

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  • Search competitor analysis: backlinks, keywords and pages

    … to market. Loot Crate was founded in 2012 vs. 2013 (Nerd Block) and 2014 (Geek Fuel). Comparing these numbers to 1Up Box’s referring domains shows that 1Up Box is lagging behind (except for Geek Me Box): 1Up Box is a major underdog compared to Loot Crate in terms of links and organic search. In fact, I can use SEMrush to quickly assess how 1Up Box…

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  • 6 e-commerce link building tactics that still work in 2016

    … With PPC prices increasing and Facebook becoming more competitive, organic search traffic can make or break an e-commerce site. However, in order to get that sweet, sweet traffic, you need to build links. Do all the on-site SEO and write all of the content you want, but there’s little chance of ranking without building links. But where do I…

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  • Optimizing your internal link structure

    … Let’s begin by quickly talking about what an internal link is. An internal link is a link from a webpage to another resource on the same domain. That resource may be another webpage (what we’ll be focusing on here) but can also include links to media files, downloads and more. Here are two primary considerations we need to make when thinking…

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  • How to follow up on link requests

    … time, one of my link builders asked me, “How do I know when to stop following up?” All of this made me realize that there really is a lot to the art of the follow-up — so let’s dig in. Note: Keep in mind that I’m writing about follow-up in this article, not initial outreach or contact. The art of the follow-up Here’s one very interesting tidbit…

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  • Using popular culture to drive local positioning

    … of the Broncos increased inbound links to the site, and citations soared as community excitement built around the campaign. Domain authority jumped. This helped elevate rankings in the search space, along with overall optimized content including videos and expanding on-site keywords. By fusing the timeliness of the Broncos’ success with local marketing…

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