• How featured snippets can be manipulated by private blog networks

    … earlier in this article, Google has done a decent job at removing a lot of the junk from the web – and by junk, I of course mean private blog networks. As I have already pointed out, there are sites like the Simple Dollar that rank using PBNs to acquire an answer box result. I understand that it is tempting to go and hire a black hat link…

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  • 5 Proven List Building Strategies to Employ in 2017

    … marketing isn’t often as easy as it is purported to be. For many, the single biggest struggle with email marketing is that of gaining subscribers. Here are five proven list building strategies that you can employ in 2017 — each backed up with case studies and research: Offer an Incentive to Subscribers: This could be in form of a coupon…

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  • Guide to Google ranking factors – Part 10: backlinks

    … Last week we published the ninth instalment of our complete guide to Google ranking factors. It concentrated on outbound links and how and why these affect your site’s ranking. This week, we tackle backlinks. What is a backlink? A backlink is link from a third party website, back to your own. These can also be called ‘inbound’ or ‘incoming…

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  • Guide to Google ranking factors – Part 9: outbound links

    … job properly. People will trust you, search engines will trust you. Well done. 9) Broken links whether internal or external can be a sign of a poorly maintained site, so make sure you double-check your links before publishing. 10) Affiliate links are fine, but make sure you use the nofollow meta tag in accordance with Google best practice. 11) You should also use the nofollow meta tag when linking out from sponsored content, native advertising or if you’re a blogger reviewing a product. …

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  • Complete guide to keyword research for SEO

    Keywords are the backbone of SEO. They represent all the phrases which you type into Google search box when surfing the net. Having this in mind, you can quickly establish that SEO is a user-oriented profession. In fact, expert’s proficiency can be measured by their ability to discover trending keywords and rank for them. In other words, SEOs ability to perform keyword research.

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  • Five factors for global SEO success

    …: Italian website: 5) Link building Link auditing, link building and eventually content marketing should take place in each target location. The main approach here, like any link building campaign, is to split target linking websites into target campaigns. Each country should have a pool of websites worth targeting to increase the content…

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  • Nine quick fixes to improve your stagnant SEO

    …… you haven’t seen much organic growth in months. Maybe its because your developers have a backlog of issues and can’t get the next SEO fix in before other critical issues? Or maybe its because you don’t have the budget for your next link building campaign? Before you lose hope try these nine low-cost, easy to implement SEO tactics to move…

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  • How to use purchase intent for more effective keyword search

    … If you think the lowly keyword is dead, think again. Good research can help a business position itself with the the right content to engage the audience at different points of the consumer purchase journey. Have you experienced one or more of these problems with your SEO and PPC ads? • Your pages are ranking well, even at number one…

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  • 14 influencer marketing essentials for SEO success

    … to glean some SEO results from all partnerships then here’s a few pointers to improve the search impact of any collaboration with an influencer. 1. Influencer links There should always be a desire for audiences to leap from an influencers site to your brand’s website. This should be instilled within all of your influencer marketing activities e.g…

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  • Imitating search algorithms for a successful link building strategy

    When doing a link building strategy – or any other type of SEO-related strategy, for that matter – you might find the sheer amount of data that we have available to us at a relatively low cost, quite staggering. However, that can sometimes create a problem in itself; selecting the best data to use, and then using it in such a way that makes it useful and actionable, can be a lot more difficult.

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  • Nine considerations for movie-based SEO outreach campaigns

    Alien invasions have had their costs calculated by finance companies. Fashion boutiques care about superhero costumes. Travel firms researched where films were made, and retailers know which gadgets spies use… As a blogger I receive infographics throughout the week which contain great movie related content. Only the best of them will be published and only the clever will earn a link.

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  • What do content marketers need to know about SEO?

    …. Knowledge of how people search and what the search for provides plenty of insight to help with this goal. Attracting authority links Link building is a valuable tactic for SEOs and one which content marketers should be aware of. They don’t necessarily have to actively build links, but can attract links by creating content that people want to link…

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