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    • 17 link resolutions for 2017

      Back in 2014, I had 14 link resolutions. For 2017, I have 17 for you. Maybe you’re doing some or all of the following already; congratulations if that’s true, as you’re much more proactive than most. If you aren’t doing any, start with just a couple — but please, please, please make sure you do the first one.

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    • Google has officially killed off their link command

      A Google spokesperson has confirmed with Search Engine Land that the company’s link command is no longer functioning. Google told us the feature is no longer around and using a will likely return irrelevant results. We saw signs of this going away a year ago but then Google told us the link operator “is not dead.

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    • Link campaigns: Strategy development and review

      Link campaigns need strategy. Link building is a difficult, time-consuming process that doesn’t produce results overnight. However, strategic link acquisition is necessary to achieve long-term improvements in organic search. It’s possible to grab “quick win” links here and there (and I’d encourage pursuing these opportunities), but you will need an ongoing campaign to achie ...

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  • Link building is (specialized) marketing

    …Columnist Andrew Dennis explains how link building is built on the same fundamental principles as effective marketing: thorough research, strategic promotion, carefully crafted messaging and sustained effort. The post Link building is (specialized) marketing appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. …

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  • Why link outreach teams have the most difficult job in the agency

    … guaranteed due to the paid media nature of the platforms. It would take off some of the pressure of earned content distribution. Unfortunately, case studies where these have demonstrated delivering SEO benefit are few, and they now have lower-quality inventory and are filled with “clickbait” casino and weightless adverts. Paid distribution has a purpose…

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  • How to avoid an outbound link penalty from Google

    … Most of us are aware of link penalties that occur if you have low-quality or spam links pointing to your site. But did you know you can also be penalized by Google for how you link to other websites from your site? Yup, you sure can. It’s called an “unnatural outbound links” penalty, and similar to the inbound link penalty, it can be applied…

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  • 9 hard truths about links

    … Countless articles about links are written every day. Many of them are excellent, filled with some really good tips to help you do well. Some of them are awful, full of bad advice. However, the biggest thing that bugs me about link-building advice is this: a lot of it pretends to offer guarantees. People talk about how to Penguin-proof sites…

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  • I’ll stop the world and link with you

    … emails that use flashing emojis, have grammatical or spelling errors or seem dangerous. Regarding the content of the email, it has to mean something to me in some way — which leads me to my primary criterion for granting a link: The content, no matter what it is, has to be useful and relevant to something I’m writing. Let’s look at a few links…

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  • Content and SEO: Building linkable content

    … also share your content plan and goals with them and explain why your piece will genuinely benefit the greater community. Example content: The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever by Jon Cooper Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO put together one of the best link-building roundups in the SEO industry. Cooper contacted 50+ legitimate experts from…

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  • When to end your client/link provider relationship

    … It seems that everyone wants to outsource or hand off their link development. One of the most common reasons people contact me is that they know they need links, but they don’t have enough time to devote to the process. That is true for business owners, webmasters, marketing managers, SEOs, and even link builders! Because of my extensive…

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  • Fixing historical redirects using Wayback Machine APIs

    … redirects that were never done (or dropped over time) from old pages on a website that had accumulated links and aren’t properly transferring signals to the current pages. You’re recovering value that already belongs to your website but was lost. In all of my years doing SEO, I would say that fixing redirects has been one of the most powerful tactics…

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  • Search competitor analysis: backlinks, keywords and pages

    … to market. Loot Crate was founded in 2012 vs. 2013 (Nerd Block) and 2014 (Geek Fuel). Comparing these numbers to 1Up Box’s referring domains shows that 1Up Box is lagging behind (except for Geek Me Box): 1Up Box is a major underdog compared to Loot Crate in terms of links and organic search. In fact, I can use SEMrush to quickly assess how 1Up Box…

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  • 6 e-commerce link building tactics that still work in 2016

    … With PPC prices increasing and Facebook becoming more competitive, organic search traffic can make or break an e-commerce site. However, in order to get that sweet, sweet traffic, you need to build links. Do all the on-site SEO and write all of the content you want, but there’s little chance of ranking without building links. But where do I…

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  • Optimizing your internal link structure

    … Let’s begin by quickly talking about what an internal link is. An internal link is a link from a webpage to another resource on the same domain. That resource may be another webpage (what we’ll be focusing on here) but can also include links to media files, downloads and more. Here are two primary considerations we need to make when thinking…

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