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    • Why content-led SEO will always fail to build links effectively

      SEO as a discipline has always struggled with its black hat or unethical practitioners saturating the industry with questionable link-building practices. As an ethical SEO, I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling pleased about Google’s efforts to fight against these attempts to game the system with algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin, resulting in a wider awareness of the risk ...

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    • Organic traffic & link building for small businesses

      When it comes down to it, the hardest part of SEO for most small businesses is building links and authority. Keyword research, on-page optimization, local SEO — it’s all doable, and to some degree mechanical. But raising your authority? Not so much. While the importance of links is clear, Google’s messaging is confusing and unhelpful.

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    • How to go above and beyond with your content

      We’re creating a lot of content these days. It’s everywhere. Everyone is writing; everyone has a blog. I’m truly waiting for the day when my mom asks me how she can start a blog to impart her wisdom about how to behave properly in a restaurant. With the nonstop stream of content being created, it sometimes seems like not everyone is really thinking about how to make their content stand out.

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  • Broken link building made easy

    … faster by using the broken links report in Ahrefs to find broken pages on your competitors’ websites and that you already have content for. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Patrick Stox is an SEO Specialist for IBM and an organizer for the Raleigh SEO Meetup, the most successful SEO Meetup in the US. …

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  • Seasonal and holiday link building

    … can’t spam your way to the top with thousands of manipulative links in short order (Penguin now devalues those links in real time); you need to consistently secure worthwhile links over the long term to achieve sustained organic visibility. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to build links to seasonal keyword pages and be prepared for traffic surges…

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  • It’s time to get ready for the holidays (Yes, really!)

    We all know that the holidays are fast approaching. In just 10 short months, we’ll all be gathered around home and hearth; in just nine short months, the chaos of filling that home and hearth with a wide assortment of colorful boxes, trees or candles will begin. Regular readers will remember that last November, I published an article on last-minute SEO for the holidays.

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  • How to build links without creating content: 5 examples

    … Link building isn’t some mystical SEO hack. Building links is straightforward: find relevant sites that have a reason to link and convince them to link. Why would another site link to yours? For a variety of reasons: because a relationship already exists; because they’re talking about your business/products; because you’re a valuable resource…

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  • Google has officially killed off their link command

    … A Google spokesperson has confirmed with Search Engine Land that the company’s link command is no longer functioning. Google told us the feature is no longer around and using a will likely return irrelevant results. We saw signs of this going away a year ago but then Google told us the link operator “is not dead.” Now…

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  • 17 link resolutions for 2017

    … back within a couple of months. 5. Don’t discount the power of paid media Paid media can be effectively utilized in conjunction with your link-building efforts. If you can’t rank organically for some key terms, I see nothing wrong with using paid ads to capture the traffic from those phrases. Alternatively, if you need to watch your budget…

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  • Link campaigns: Strategy development and review

    …, but Google isn’t crawling your site, those links won’t impact search traffic. There are a number of great tools designed to help you understand the technical performance of your site, such as: If you’re new to SEO or have never audited your own site, there are a few guides that will help you understand the process: Regardless, you should audit…

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  • Link building is (specialized) marketing

    …Columnist Andrew Dennis explains how link building is built on the same fundamental principles as effective marketing: thorough research, strategic promotion, carefully crafted messaging and sustained effort. The post Link building is (specialized) marketing appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full…

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  • Why link outreach teams have the most difficult job in the agency

    … the SEO team can contact. The outreach teams are tasked with building links from websites that pass authority but are restricted in their ability to actually contact websites with sufficient authority to deliver results. This can be really challenging for outreach teams. Why you should adopt a positive mindset around outreach There are instances where…

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  • How to avoid an outbound link penalty from Google

    … Most of us are aware of link penalties that occur if you have low-quality or spam links pointing to your site. But did you know you can also be penalized by Google for how you link to other websites from your site? Yup, you sure can. It’s called an “unnatural outbound links” penalty, and similar to the inbound link penalty, it can be applied…

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  • 9 hard truths about links

    … Countless articles about links are written every day. Many of them are excellent, filled with some really good tips to help you do well. Some of them are awful, full of bad advice. However, the biggest thing that bugs me about link-building advice is this: a lot of it pretends to offer guarantees. People talk about how to Penguin-proof sites…

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  • I’ll stop the world and link with you

    … in a quiet moment, it’s not going to get read for a while, if ever. The information was 100 percent relevant to me. It was a post about link building, and I’m a link builder. It wasn’t about machine learning or meditation or cheap watch bands. (And yes, I get plenty of those.) Let’s take a look at a few lines from emails that, in my opinion…

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