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    • Why mistakes make you a better link builder

      Whenever I’ve trained link builders, I’ve been consistent about one major process over the last decade: throw them in and let them learn by doing it, screwing up and finding their own way. I always tell them to expect to make mistakes, and they always do — some worse than others. But making mistakes is, in my opinion, the best learning experience.

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    • Did you know? Google sees JavaScript links you don’t

      Most SEMs are aware by now that Google is parsing JavaScript and processing content within the DOM. We know this not only because Google has flat out told us, but also because it has been tested. We know all of this — and yet, tools which provide backlink data are only seeing classically formatted HTML elements listed within a given page’s source code.

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  • An easy quarterly plan for local link building

    … Summer conference season is in full swing, and this month I’m stepping off Greg’s Soapbox to share some in-depth knowledge. With the release of the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors and several studies, local SEO sessions are all pushing the importance of building local links. Even when tips are shared that explain how to get great links…

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  • Fix your outbound link problem in a single workday

    … Links are the foundation of Google’s algorithm. A naïve reading of the algorithm suggests that you shouldn’t link to anybody else, ever. It turns out that’s not at all true. But your outbound links play an important role in your ability to turn up in the SERPs. Let’s make sure your outbound link game is on point. Follow the steps below and get…

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  • SEO case study: Zero to 100,000 visitors in 12 months

    … at Siege Media to earn links and visibility, and to increase web traffic for our clients. I’m going to walk through how we built a site’s SEO strategy from the ground up — growing from zero visitors to 100,000 — and share key takeaways that you can apply to your own strategy. The general outline of our strategy was: Start slow and take advantage of “easy…

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  • What link builders really want you to know

    … difficult. Everyone’s on holiday, response rate goes way down, and then if you actually do negotiate a link, you can wait weeks for it to go live (because, again, everyone’s on holiday)! Unless you’re a magician (or a charlatan), you cannot look at a site and make a concrete determination about how many links are required to obtain the desired…

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  • The role of traditional public relations in SEO

    … words, websites that satisfy their users tend to rank better than those that do not. Inbound links are still a critical component of any SEO campaign, but the easy link-building tactics of the past have been wiped off the board, largely thanks to Google’s Penguin update(s). This includes buying links, guest blogging at scale, embedding links…

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  • Want more links? Be more likable.

    … One of the things I like best about link building is that it really is as much art as it is science, if not more so. I do roll my eyes when people talk about “relationship building” — and I roll them when I write about it, too — but in many ways, it really is all about that. If you can’t make webmasters like you and what you’re proposing…

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  • Relevance vs. authority: Which link has more value? (Part 1)

    … Relevance versus authority: these two metrics are always at the forefront of a link builder’s mind. Both authority and relevance should be part of the overall evaluation of a given link. In an ideal world, every link we secure would be from sites that are both authoritative and highly relevant to our own site. But what if you had to pick one…

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  • Content and links: It really does take a village

    … I’m one of those people who thinks I can usually handle things by myself — I don’t need or want anyone’s help. It’s been tough for me to let go of that attitude when it comes to link building, but I’ve been doing much better lately after realizing that it really is beneficial to have more involvement from various people. Sometimes that extra…

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  • 4 tips to maximize content marketing performance

    … Links have always commanded significant focus when it comes to increasing organic search performance. Over the years, SEOs have built them by any means possible — legitimate and otherwise. Recently, the market has adapted to significant algorithmic shifts and adopted a content marketing approach to link building. This move has led brands…

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  • Link building: Preliminary research and analysis

    SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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  • 5 quick SEO wins for new clients

    … I put out a HARO query to see what tactics other SEO specialists and agencies used as quick wins when they took on a new project. I got back some great, solid responses from SEO experts across the country and wanted to share their advice. Most of the answers I received fell into one of five basic categories: digital asset consolidation; link…

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  • Contributor, beware of PageRank-hoarding publishers

    …-earned “link love” to drive up your Google rankings. Well, unfortunately, depending on where it was published, you may be waiting a long time. Let me let you in on a dirty little secret: publishing your content on many popular sites gives you zero SEO benefit. Huffington Post changes the game Last year, The Huffington Post, a popular site…

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  • 4 major barriers to being linkable

    SMX — Search Marketing Expo is the world’s largest search marketing conference series, with multiple events in the USA and Europe. Visit the Search Marketing Expo site to learn more: Pick your favorite event and attend! http ...

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