Link Building Tips

  • 10 Questions To Ask When Creating A Link Building Campaign

    … One of the most common questions I hear related to link building is, "Where do I start?" Whether in a blog post or a conference presentation, link building experts often focus on specific tactics when giving advice. The message can sometimes come across as, "Here are some things — go do them, and you'll be set." But that's not the case. It's…

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  • What Does Google Really Want?

    …How In The World Are We Suppose To Compete? What does Google really want? If you are a “white hat SEO” you do everything “By the book” and according to Google’s guidelines and best practices the odds of you outranking your competitor that is using “grey hat techniques” are pretty slim. Everyday sloppy black hats are getting slapped by one kind…

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  • Google’s Free Keyword Tool Is All You Need

    …. In the beginning stages of building a website there is really no reason to go out and pay for keyword research tools like Market Samurai unless you know how to research keywords in the first place. Paid tools have their benefits and are well worth the price once you learn enough abut keyword research to use them correctly. Keyword research is the life…

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