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    • 9 hard truths about links

      Countless articles about links are written every day. Many of them are excellent, filled with some really good tips to help you do well. Some of them are awful, full of bad advice. However, the biggest thing that bugs me about link-building advice is this: a lot of it pretends to offer guarantees. People talk about how to Penguin-proof sites, how to avoid being manually penalized and so on.

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    • How to avoid an outbound link penalty from Google

      Most of us are aware of link penalties that occur if you have low-quality or spam links pointing to your site. But did you know you can also be penalized by Google for how you link to other websites from your site? Yup, you sure can. It’s called an “unnatural outbound links” penalty, and similar to the inbound link penalty, it can be applied partially or sitewide.

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    • Why link outreach teams have the most difficult job in the agency

      After spending several years in a media agency, I’ve come to the opinion that link outreach teams have the most difficult job in the agency. Imagine telling a programmatic trader that he had to get impressions for a client, but he wasn’t allowed to pay for any of them. Or imagine telling a TV buyer that they had to get some spots based on some “exceptional” creative.

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  • Link building is (specialized) marketing

    …Columnist Andrew Dennis explains how link building is built on the same fundamental principles as effective marketing: thorough research, strategic promotion, carefully crafted messaging and sustained effort. The post Link building is (specialized) marketing appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. …

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  • I’ll stop the world and link with you

    … emails that use flashing emojis, have grammatical or spelling errors or seem dangerous. Regarding the content of the email, it has to mean something to me in some way — which leads me to my primary criterion for granting a link: The content, no matter what it is, has to be useful and relevant to something I’m writing. Let’s look at a few links…

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  • Give Google a break: Tackling paid links is harder than you may think

    … is in many cases unjustified, as people often take too simplistic a view of the task at hand for the search engine. Detecting and dealing with paid links is a lot harder than many people think, and there are likely good reasons why Google took longer than hoped to release the next iteration of Penguin. Here are some of the challenges Google may…

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  • Content and SEO: Building linkable content

    … also share your content plan and goals with them and explain why your piece will genuinely benefit the greater community. Example content: The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever by Jon Cooper Jon Cooper of Point Blank SEO put together one of the best link-building roundups in the SEO industry. Cooper contacted 50+ legitimate experts from…

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  • The immediate results of link building

    … In an April 2016 article on Moz by Kristina Kledzik, “How Long Does it Take for Link Building to Impact Rankings,” the author posits that new links take about 10 weeks to have an impact. Our findings show the exact opposite: High-end link building has an immediate and persistent positive impact. I’ll explain further and share our data here…

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  • When to end your client/link provider relationship

    … for the client 1. The link team isn’t transparent about what it’s doing. This is, by far, the biggest and most critical red flag. And you know what? It’s still happening! Whatever they’re doing, you need to know about it; you’re the only one who can decide whether it’s worth the risk (if it’s risky) or the effort. That applies to everything in SEO…

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  • Fixing historical redirects using Wayback Machine APIs

    …, or to be able to show massive improvements at the start of a campaign with just a few hours of work. Getting off to a great start with a new client really instills a level of trust in your work. Lost links My first article on Search Engine Land, “Take Back Your Lost Links,” was about this very topic. In it, I showed how a company that had failed…

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  • 6 e-commerce link building tactics that still work in 2016

    … With PPC prices increasing and Facebook becoming more competitive, organic search traffic can make or break an e-commerce site. However, in order to get that sweet, sweet traffic, you need to build links. Do all the on-site SEO and write all of the content you want, but there’s little chance of ranking without building links. But where do I…

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  • Optimizing your internal link structure

    … Let’s begin by quickly talking about what an internal link is. An internal link is a link from a webpage to another resource on the same domain. That resource may be another webpage (what we’ll be focusing on here) but can also include links to media files, downloads and more. Here are two primary considerations we need to make when thinking…

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  • How to follow up on link requests

    … time, one of my link builders asked me, “How do I know when to stop following up?” All of this made me realize that there really is a lot to the art of the follow-up — so let’s dig in. Note: Keep in mind that I’m writing about follow-up in this article, not initial outreach or contact. The art of the follow-up Here’s one very interesting tidbit…

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  • Link profile analysis: How to prevent penalties by being proactive

    … penalty email, they scramble to analyze their site’s backlink profile. They find they have indulged in one too many link exchanges or article marketing techniques. Depending on how bad it is, it can take weeks or even months to clean up the link profile before submitting a reconsideration request. At a past employer, I spent almost eight months…

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  • Link prospecting tips and tricks

    … There is no formal education or pathway into link building. Most professional link builders are self-taught or learned from a mentor who taught themselves — so if you want to enter into the SEO field (or need to bolster your own site’s link profile), it often means trial and error. Due to the lack of formal education available, it’s vital…

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  • The art of link building: Why creating connections is the key to success

    … to ranking any site is building backlinks. The link is the conduit between one person and another. While the art of link acquisition may be somewhat controversial, those who do it the right way not only earn better rankings, but also build better relationships. Not all links are created equal. This simple phrase is becoming kind of a cliché in our…

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