• Influencer Marketing Automation: Finding the Right Balance

    … is concern that these emerging companies focus too heavily on platform automation and not heavily enough on what makes influencer marketing successful in the first place–authentic relationships between real people. Marketers that are dubious of these newcomers worry that over-automation will result in awkward brand mentions or poor audience targeting…

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  • Influencer Marketing: Your Always-On Content Lab

    … Consumers today have unprecedented access to an endless supply of information and opinions, resulting in dynamic shifts in their purchasing behaviors. We live in the age of the empowered and always-on consumer, largely because social media has made it easier than ever for people to share their thoughts with a wider audience. Social media…

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  • Waiting to Approve Influencer Content Hurts More Than It Helps

    …. In fact, Linqia campaigns that don’t require content approval have a customer renewal rate of 93 percent because they deliver such strong results. Trust the influencers to tell the stories their way and you will see significant returns on this trust investment. Maria Sipka is the president of influencer marketing platform Linqia. Image courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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