Georg Friedrich List (August 6, 1789 – November 30, 1846) was a leading 19th century German economist who developed the "National System" or what some would call today the National System of Innovation. He was a forefather of the German historical school of economics, and considered the original European unity theorist whose ideas were the basis for the European Economic Community.
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  • 5 Tips to Build More Loyalty With Your Twitter Fans

    …. Challenge yourself to reply to at least one person before checking your own notifications. Depending on how many people you follow, your home feed may be a bit of a mess, so segment the people you want to speak to into Twitter lists and start scrolling through your lists before reviewing your notifications. You can set up lists for clients…

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  • 3 Ways Your Mom is Better Than You at Facebook

    … your feed, it’s no surprise that many people are leaving Facebook behind in favor of the very personal experience offered by Snapchat and other networks. Enter mom. While we all know many social-savvy moms who play the friend game as well, most moms that I’m connected to have friend lists of under 100 people. Basically, many moms have approached…

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  • 7 Steps for Localizing Your Mobile Apps

    … if developers keep in mind they may end up translating their apps while initially creating each one, they can make their lives easier later on: As a rule of thumb, each time you have the opportunity to not display any text, but instead put in an icon, or an image or a video—just go for it. First, it’s more appealing for everybody, and it’s going to make your life easier over time. Readers: Do you have any other tips for localizing mobile apps? …

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  • 3 Tips From Twitter on Monetizing Your Mobile App

    …. Finally, Twitter encouraged developers to consider placing banner, interstitial or native ads in their apps. While banner ads are simple to integrate, Twitter said interstitial ads can ‘command higher prices from advertisers’ because these ads take over the entire screen, rather than resting along the edge. Twitter said developers should test ads first…

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  • Here Are 6 Apps You Should Download for the Super Bowl

    … on the screen to help their football player move down the field. Shazam (Free on iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon) – Many companies (such as Coca-Cola) include a Shazam call-to-action in their commercials. By downloading the Shazam app and allowing the app to listen to these ads, users can receive more information about products. Also be sure to check out Adweek’s Super Bowl Ad Tracker to keep track of all of the commercials from this year’s game. …

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