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  • Grow Your Email List Faster With ListBuilder

    … Looking for an easier way to collect email signups in store and at events? Tired of trying to decipher chicken scratch from pen and paper sign-up sheets? That’s why we created our new ListBuilder app. With ListBuilder, you can collect new email subscribers right from your iPad or Android Tablet. Let contacts enter their information digitally…

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  • AWeber vs GetResponse vs MailChimp: A Detailed Comparison Review

    … current solution, this detailed comparison will help make an informed decision. AWeber AWeber was founded by Tom Kulzer in 1998 with a goal to make email marketing simpler and more profitable for small businesses. Since then it has grown to be one of the most popular email marketing services used by over 120,000 small businesses, bloggers…

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  • 6 Reasons Emails Bounce (And What You Can Do to Improve Your Bounce Rate)

    … We’ve all been there. You create an email, send away, and then — when you check your email reports — you see that it “bounced.” Which means your email never actually got to your intended recipient. Even worse, if your account has a high number of bounces it can have a negative impact on your delivery rate. So it makes sense to clean up those…

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  • The Insider’s Guide to Running a Six-Figure Membership Site from Home

    … equivalent — or superior — to that of an MFA (MA) in Creative Writing. (I know that because I once taught the MA program at a UK university.) With more than 2000 subscribers since 2012, the program now brings me more money — on auto-pilot — than I can reasonably spend. Like to do the same? Ho, ’tain’t easy. (If it were, everybody would do…

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  • 4 tools to improve your conversions

    … During my 16+ years online, I’ve been lax in tracking and testing conversions, I admit. But it’s SO important to know your conversion on your opt-in and sales pages as well as your emails. And especially to test variations to see which one works best. Why? When you have knowledge, you can make changes that improve your conversion. And believe…

    Ellen Finkelstein/ Change the World Marketingin EMail- 14 readers -
  • Six methods for smarter marketing segmentation

    … By Brooke Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Ask any marketer if they’re interested in smarter segmentation with their lists, campaigns, or otherwise and you’re sure to raise a few eyebrows. Marketing segmentation may just be an answer to Content Shock, as choosing highly targeted and more granular content could help you reach your…

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  • The Time-Saving Secret to Grow Your Email List

    … As an email marketer, there is nothing that matches the feeling of growing your email list. You can tweet and snap, post and pin, and set up AdWords or Facebook Ads campaigns until the cows come home, but to have that coveted, highly-regarded email address should be your ultimate goal. Email is alive and kicking, and with new forms…

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  • Want More Email Subscribers? Don’t Forget About Video

    … There are many ways your small business can collect email addresses. From printable sign-up sheets to embeddable forms on your website, the opportunities to drive interested customers to your email list are endless. But there’s one opportunity many small businesses are overlooking. Video. Video is one of the best ways to drive engagement…

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  • How to Never Miss an Email Subscriber Again

    … I have a confession to make. I have really bad handwriting. There. I said it! So why’d I spill the beans and what does this have to do with your email subscribers? I love to sign up for small business newsletters. Any time I go into a mom and pop shop I ask them if they have an email list. But more often than not, I never receive an email from…

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