List Hygiene

  • Keep Your Email List Spick-and-Span With These 3 Simple Steps

    … Uh-oh. You’re doing all you can to grow your email list. But the faster it grows, the less you seem to know about the people on your list. While you used to know every name on your email list personally, as you develop a larger list you’re less sure who your subscribers are, what exactly they’re interested in, and how best to reach them. How can…

    Miranda Paquet/ Constant Contactin EMail- 13 readers -
  • Taking Care of Your List Over Time: Deliverability Part III

    …. Starting off with good subscription practices is a great thing and can get you a top quality list, but you have to remember that in order for it to stay that way you also have to look after it. From my point of view, while working in Compliance Department, list hygiene almost seemed like some kind of a mystical topic. It was rarely brought up…

    GetResponse Blogin EMail- 12 readers -
  • Nothing Lasts Forever (Including Email Permission)

    … clients on best practices in email marketing, working to rectify current and avoid future issues with clients’ list hygiene to maximize deliverability at GetResponse. Nothing Lasts Forever (Including Email Permission) is a post from: GetResponse Blog - Email Marketing Tips Related posts Warning: Email Policy Change at Yahoo! May Affect You 10…

    GetResponse Blogin EMail- 10 readers -
  • Why and How to Verify Your Email Marketing Lists

    …%. Having 1% of your list bad can drop your deliverability by over 10%! Email Verification and List Hygiene Providers Thankfully, there are email verification and list hygiene providers on the market who gather intelligence and will help you clean your lists prior to getting caught up in this mess. Here are the leading email verification and list…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin EMail How To's- 32 readers -
  • Your Ultimate and Complete Email Send Checklist!

    … It never fails… about once a week I get a beautiful email in my inbox that’s labeled FNAME or is a collage of blank images with no alternative text. Or I get it on my retina display with fuzzy images. Or I open it on my mobile phone and can’t read it because the mobile email wasn’t responsive. Email is serious business… it’s a permission-based…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin EMail- 5 readers -
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