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Lithium Technologies provides social customer experience management software for the enterprise. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lithium has additional offices in London, Austin, Paris, Sydney, Singapore, New York, and Zürich.Lithium was founded in 2001 as a spin-out from GX Media, which created technologies for professional rankings and tournaments and now hosts a number of popular gaming sites. The company's founders include brothers Lyle Fong and Dennis Fong, who together also founded GX Media, as well as Kirk Yokomizo, John Joh, Nader Alizadeh, Michel Thouati, Michael Yang, and Matt Ayres.
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  • 6 Ways Data Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

    After a decade of attempting to connect with customers and prove return on investment, brands are still struggling to achieve success with social media marketing and engagement. What does success look like? For most marketers, success includes anything from raising brand awareness and thought leadership to lead generation.

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  • Social Customer-Service Automation: Too Good, or Too Good to Be True?

    … now spend a good chunk of their day. So it only makes sense that many brands have followed suit, shifting the bulk of their customer-service efforts toward social media by leveraging new technologies that allow them to simplify, streamline and automate customer interactions. Consider that Facebook Messenger had zero chat bots in February 2016…

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  • Twitter Adds Quick Replies, Welcome Messages to DMs From Brands

    … Businesses on Twitter can now take advantage of two new features for the social network’s direct messages: quick replies and welcome messages. Product manager Ian Cairns introduced the new features Tuesday in a blog post, saying that they begin rolling out Tuesday. According to Cairns, welcome messages allow businesses to greet users and set…

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  • 5 Things You Should Do to Scale Social Care (An Inside Look at HP)

    … at the same time. It has taken me four years of self-discovery to have clarity about my personal mission and vision. So if you’re trying to figure out how to be your organization’s (social) change agent, realize that you have to disrupt yourself before you can disrupt your organization. Francisca Fanucchi is the marketing director at community software and social media marketing solutions provider Lithium Technologies. …

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  • Millennials, Gen-Z Alienated by Ads in Social News Feeds (Study)

    … recent graduate Mallory Benham, said in a release announcing the study’s results: I go on social media to see and know what my friends are doing. I don’t want to see ads clutter my news feed. If I’m interested in a product or service, I know where to look. Social media is a place for us to connect with our friends, not be attacked by advertisements…

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  • Are You Missing the Most Powerful Advocates for Your Brand?

    …, videos, etc. Stop wasting time and resources on mass marketing through social influencers. Pinpoint the experts your customers already trust. This will in turn gain you trust with your audiences, and you’ll see better results for your efforts. Rob Tarkoff is president and CEO of social software provider Lithium Technologies. …

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  • Top 10 Important Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Social Media

    … if you plan on pinning something related to your brand. 9. Visuals Work Great For Young Audiences Brands that target the youth should think in visual terms – Digital Insights suggests that almost one-fourth of teens pointed to Instagram as their favorite social network. Instagram is in itself pretty impressive – it might have escaped you…

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  • GM to expand its social outreach strategy overseas

    … not just the customer service team but also the marketing and communications teams. The center, established in 2013, has been such a success for GM in North America and Europe that, come 2015, the company plans to expand it across Asia and South America. “One in three people want to reach out to a company via Facebook, Twitter, whatever…

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