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    • What Working at an Apple Store Taught Me About Good Event Marketing

      I’m going to start with a controversial statement: I’m a firm believer in the power of event marketing. Trade shows, owned events, you name it, I love it. The statement is controversial because you either wholly agree or disagree – especially in B2B environments. Events are a huge investment in time and money – but when done right, they help generate quality leads, develop exi ... 6 readers -
  • Follow Your Heart- My Interview on The Tao of Self Confidence Podcast

    … My friend Sheena Yap Chan just interviewed me on her awesome podcast, The Tao of Self Confidence. It was a fun interview. She asked me questions about my definition of self confidence, and we had a conversation about how I learned how to truly follow my heart, my 6-month journey to New Zealand, and some of my ‘aha moments’ along the way…

    Amy Starr Allen- 5 readers -
  • How to Stop Waiting For Permission and Become a Leader Right Now

    … Have you been waiting for someone to give you permission to be, do, or have the things you really want in your life? From who? And for what? Most of us have been trained our entire lives to follow instructions and to do things when we are told. We are taught to wait until we are given permission to do something. We go through our childhood…

    Amy Starr Allenin How To's- 9 readers -
  • Creativity and Technology Coming Together for Live Events

    … Trade shows and live events are significant points for building brand awareness, creating sales, lead generation, and more… and they have been for decades. For many businesses, they’re also a strong exhibition platform, and no small amount of start ups and small business have gotten their strongest starts at live events. But thanks…

    Gail Gardner/ Growmapin Social- 15 readers -
  • Live Media Group Launches nowlive App for Live Event Streaming

    … Live Media Group has announced the launch of its nowlive live streaming app on iOS and Android devices. Like services including Meerkat and Periscope, nowlive allows users to watch events as they happen on their mobile devices, but instead of allowing all users to stream content, nowlive was built for live event brands and focuses…

    Inside Facebook- 13 readers -
  • How One Twitch Channel Boosted Video Views By 380% in a Day

    … On Monday August 25th the maddentips channel on Twitch had 162,402 views. On Tuesday August 26th, it had 784,969 views. So how exactly did we increase our view count by 380% in one day? At Reel Gamer, we help gamers build and grow their Twitch and YouTube Channels, and in this article I’m going to explain what lead to the 622,566 boost…

    ReelSEOin How To's YouTube- 16 readers -
  • Free is Not a Sustainable Business Model – Unless You’re YouTube

    …-on-demand qualified you to stream live. I (and most of the rest of the live streaming world) simply ignored the option. Well, a strange thing happened - YouTube kept lowering the bar for "Live Event" approval until they finally dropped it to almost nothing a few weeks ago. If you have no copyright violations and can verify with an SMS message (hint…

    ReelSEOin Social- 19 readers -
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