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  • 5 Ideas for Your Post-Holiday Email Campaign

    … early bird sales. If you’re a travel marketer, even better. Now is the time to get your customers to book a spring trip. Use live and progressive polling to ask your customers about their favorite tropical locales, and then link them to an article that gives them more details about their choice. Here’s how Yahoo Travel did it: Customer loyalty…

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  • Our Favorite Examples of Live Polling in Email Marketing

    … Email engagement is a huge priority for email marketers. Higher engagement = lifts in click-through rates, read rates and higher overall revenue generated per email. So how can you send emails that are guaranteed to drive engagement? While there’s no magic email tactic for engagement, gamification – like live polling – comes pretty darn close…

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  • Personalization remains a missed opportunity for many marketers

    … We led last week’s “Monday Catch-up” post with this news, but the fact that almost half of email marketers are not taking advantage of personalization and other methods of targeting their campaigns is worthy of a deeper dive. As we noted Monday, according to a report from GetResponse summarizing the results of a recent survey conducted…

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  • Progressive Profiling: How to Collect Data for Personalization

    It’s no surprise that most digital marketers are turning to personalization to up their email game. Personalized emails have 6X higher transaction rates and over 41% higher unique click rates than non-personalized emails (Marketing Land). And although tactics like including a name in the subject line may increase opens, it’s not enough to stand out among your competitors when s ...

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  • Monday Catch-up: Gamification, Personalization and Live Polling

    … journey will lose out to those who do. Read more … WEBINAR: Using live polling to increase engagement and personalization Incorporating live polling into your emails can help you gather customer data that will help you create targeted, personalized campaigns, increase engagement levels and drive ROI. Join us on February 10, 2016 at 1 PM EST…

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  • Email Innovators: How Some Brands are Killing it with Email

    … Email is one of the most effective marketing tools in terms of ROI, but many businesses still don’t use the channel to its full potential. For some, it could be they’re not aware of innovations in email and how it’s redefining the ways marketers can engage and convert customers. But you only need to look to some of the top brands using…

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