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  • 5 Ideas for Your Post-Holiday Email Campaign

    … campaign now A post-holiday email campaign is the perfect to way to extend any positive results you’re seeing from your existing holiday campaign. Use these campaign ideas to inspire a customer-centric post holiday campaign to kick off the new year. Want more email campaign ideas? Download our ebook, Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Marketing. …

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  • Our Favorite Examples of Live Polling in Email Marketing

    … affairs brand, gave their readers real-time election updates by combining a live poll with a countdown timer and a live electoral map. They also pulled in their live blog coverage of the election from their website. Ready to try live polling? Live polling is a powerful contextual email marketing tactic that can be used any time of year. Use these examples to inspire your next campaign. Want to learn more about contextual email marketing? Download The Everything Guide to Contextual Email Marketing. …

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  • Personalization remains a missed opportunity for many marketers

    … We led last week’s “Monday Catch-up” post with this news, but the fact that almost half of email marketers are not taking advantage of personalization and other methods of targeting their campaigns is worthy of a deeper dive. As we noted Monday, according to a report from GetResponse summarizing the results of a recent survey conducted…

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  • Progressive Profiling: How to Collect Data for Personalization

    … on demographics, buying behavior and preferences, you need to ask the consumer a number of questions. But increasing the number of form fields from three to just six will decrease conversion rates by 66% (QuickSprout). What does work? Progressive profiling with live polls. Live polling is a form of gamification that lets marketers engage customers…

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  • Monday Catch-up: Gamification, Personalization and Live Polling

    … Welcome to February. You have an extra day this month to wow your customers with amazing email campaigns. Let’s get started! Big Brands are using gamification to increase customer loyalty feature gamification campaigns from Nike, Starbucks and the U.S. Army. One key takeaway — always reward participation. Gamification is a highly…

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  • Email Innovators: How Some Brands are Killing it with Email

    … contextual email marketing tactics, like live polling and personalization, for some guidance and inspiration. For example, to leverage the excitement around the MTV Video Music Awards, Ticketmaster launched a campaign to subscribers who recently purchased tickets for one of the nominated artist’s concerts, and asked them to predict who would win…

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