• Video: 3 tips for kickstarting your people-based marketing

    … For a brand to fully embrace People-based Marketing requires a full convergence of a their marketing and advertising technology. According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by LiveIntent, Kickstart Your AdTech / Martech Convergence, 57% of companies queried are planning to be there within the next two years…

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  • Study Finds New Opportunities For Firms Integrating Ad, Marketing Tech

    … more than anyone that email is the single biggest driver of marketing efforts,” says Matt Keiser, CEO of LiveIntent, the marketing solutions vendor that commissioned the report. “The email channel is a crucial connection point for a hyperlocal market that demands more intimacy than others.” Keiser points to a McKinsey study that showed email…

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  • What’s stopping marketers from embracing people-based marketing?

    … A new report produced by Forrester and commissioned by LiveIntent entitled Kickstart Your AdTech / Martech Convergence has revealed what’s getting in the way of marketers converging their advertising and marketing technology and going full people-based: themselves. According to the report, 42 percent of marketers say the biggest hurdle…

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  • What Makes People-Based Marketing People-Based?

    … eMarketer estimates that roughly 60% of all digital ad revenue in 2017 will go to Google and Facebook. This is thanks in large part to their ability to provide marketers with people-based marketing solutions at scale. People-based marketing is the ability to reach real people with one-to-one messaging in mass media channels, irrespective…

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  • The Difference Between AdTech and MarTech

    … The Wall Street Journal recently reported that venture capitalists see greater value in marketing technology (or MarTech) than advertising technology (or AdTech), simplifying the difference down to a matter of billing structure. AdTech tends to follow a “media-based” business model, whereas MarTech relies on “subscription-based” model. Media buys…

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  • How One Man Did the Impossible: Make Ad-Tech Jargon Fun

    … The sales team at LiveIntent, an ad-tech marketing company based out of New York City, had a problem. On sales pitches, they noticed that prospects were consistently glazed over in boredom. Why? Because of esoteric ad-tech terms like header bidding, IAB L.E.A.N., and walled gardens. “Ad-tech is a super nerdy community. They want to speak…

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  • Make Money Blogging Using the Top 4 Contextual Ad Networks

    … placement policies to avoid getting your account banned. LiveIntent Ad type: email ads How much can you earn: “100% incremental revenue” If you’ve built an email list and are sending out blog newsletters on a regular basis, then you ought to try and monetize your subscriptions as well by placing ads using this service. LiveIntent offers a static HTML…

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