• Video: What scares marketers?

    … This week, Nick’s disembodied floating head tells you what’s scaring Marketers this Halloween! The post Video: What scares marketers? appeared first on Digiday…

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  • Video: The recipe for people-based marketing success

    … Healthy Marketers cannot live on cookies alone. They need People-based Marketing to sustain healthy bottom lines. Here’s the recipe for success! The post Video: The recipe for people-based marketing success appeared first on Digiday…

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  • Video: 3 tips for kickstarting your people-based marketing

    … For a brand to fully embrace People-based Marketing requires a full convergence of a their marketing and advertising technology. According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by LiveIntent, Kickstart Your AdTech / Martech Convergence, 57% of companies queried are planning to be there within the next two years…

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  • What Makes People-Based Marketing People-Based?

    … eMarketer estimates that roughly 60% of all digital ad revenue in 2017 will go to Google and Facebook. This is thanks in large part to their ability to provide marketers with people-based marketing solutions at scale. People-based marketing is the ability to reach real people with one-to-one messaging in mass media channels, irrespective…

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  • The Difference Between AdTech and MarTech

    … The Wall Street Journal recently reported that venture capitalists see greater value in marketing technology (or MarTech) than advertising technology (or AdTech), simplifying the difference down to a matter of billing structure. AdTech tends to follow a “media-based” business model, whereas MarTech relies on “subscription-based” model. Media buys…

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