Sanjaks (Turkish pronunciation: [sanˈdʒak], Ottoman Turkish: سنجاق) were administrative divisions of the Ottoman Empire. Sanjak, and the variant spellings sandjak, sanjaq, and sinjaq, are English transliterations of the Turkish word sancak, meaning district, banner, or flag. Sanjaks were also called by the Arabic word for banner or flag, liwa.Ottoman provinces (eyalets, later vilayets) were divided into sanjaks (also called livas) governed by sanjakbeys (also called Mutesarrifs) and were further subdivided into timars (fiefs held by timariots), kadiluks (the area of responsibility of a judge, or Kadı) and zeamets (also ziam; larger timars).
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    … and Naomi Campbell, already getting involved it is expected to be the next viral campaign. It looks like Instagram filters will once again become everyone’s best friend. Google employs camel Google have now given us a chance to ‘explore’ the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates by placing a Trekker on a camel to give us a ‘glimpse of what it may be like…

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