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    • 14 Factors Impacting Your Website Load Speed

      We were meeting with a perspective client today and were discussing what impacts website load speed. There’s quite a battle going on on the Internet right now: Visitors are demanding rich visual experiences – even on higher-pixel retina displays. This is driving larger images and higher resolutions which are bloating image sizes.

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  • 5 Proven Tips for Retaining Social Visits

    … Recent research by CodeFuel, an engagement and monetization suite for publishers, and Nielsen found that website visitors from social media have a tendency to leave after a short period of time compared with traffic from some other sources. According to the study, visitors from social media are 51 percent likely to leave a website within a short…

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  • 9 Things to Note Before Launching a Facebook Coupon Offers Campaign

    … should pop and text should be placed at the appropriate angle for ease of viewing. Schedule a series of posts Throughout the duration of your campaign, you need to keep reminding your followers about the limited time frame on the availability and bargain of the coupon. Images and text updates should be created and scheduled for publication…

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  • Facebook Begins Prefetching to Improve Mobile Site Speed

    … Facebook announced Wednesday that it will begin prefetching, or preloading advertiser sites, in order to boost its mobile performance and ease users’ frustration with slow load times. The social network also revealed in a Facebook for Business post that website landing page speed will become a factor in deciding which ads to show in order…

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  • 5 Landing Page Flaws That Reduce Conversions

    … everything for you. Here are some cool providers… Aweber.com MailChimp.com ConstantContact.com Give their free trial a try and work with the provider that you’re comfortable with and provides you a clean interface. 4. Loading Time Matters For you to understand how much load time matters, you need to go through a few statistics. For example…

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  • 12 Factors Impacting Your Website Load Speed

    … improvement in website load speed. Lazy Loading – Why load images if the element isn’t actually visible on a page? If you notice on our site, as you scroll down the page the images are loaded once they need to become visible rather than all at once. Lazy loading can speed up your website load speed significantly. Hosted Libraries – Sites like…

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  • WordPress Optimization: Time To First Byte

    … calls to the site, server caching often trumps browser level caching and using a CDN can help offset a higher TTFB. Conclusion “Time To First Byte” is just one of many factors that go into your final ACTUAL and PERCEIVED load time numbers and ultimately whether or not you get your site to load under the 4 second mark consistently or not. Paying…

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  • 5 Ways You Can Speed Up Your Website

    … on your site. Reduce or Remove Redirects and Bad Requests If you think a 404 “not found” error is just a bad user experience, think again: the more 404s you serve, the more strain you are putting on your server. Each time your site has to perform a lookup and return an error, you are wasting resources. The same applies to 301 redirects in your…

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