• Yes, It’s Possible to Grab Loans When Working as a Freelancer

    … register as a business, but rather as an independent contractor doing freelancing work, you may have difficulty acquiring a loan. Not every bank views freelance work with much respect or dignity. They don’t necessarily consider this to be ‘legitimate’ work. You may have a great client (or many) and the right financial tracking, but it’s still…

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  • How Online Lenders Can Refine Their Targeting of SMBs

    … not enough money in the till to operate the business (e.g. pay rent, order inventory, give change, et cetera). SMBs in this situation may be ripe for short-term, WC-type loans, where lenders offer short term bridge loans based on expected cash flow — account receivables, unpaid invoices, et cetera. So, which SMBs are in need of short term capital? One…

    Street Fightin How To's- 11 readers -
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