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    • Why Location Visit Data Is Going to Be Huge for Brands

      The history of location data has been largely written by a market that buys audience segments for look-back retargeting. That means a DSP, DMP or agency trading desk, can buy a segment for their commercial use. Keep in mind, this data has already been pre-packaged by the location provider, so it has little use other than for retargeting — and there’s the opportunity.

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  • PlaceIQ Brings Its Location Data to IRI’s Platform for CPG Brands

    … PlaceIQ Brings Its Location Data to IRI’s Platform for CPG Brands July 10, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Building on an ongoing relationship, PlaceIQ and market research company IRI have announced a new partnership that brings insights on location and shoppers’ behavior to the consumer packaged goods sector…

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  • An Unsexy Truth: Emerging Tech Hinges on Local Data

    … to capture and monetize your in-car attention. As we wrote recently, that unlocks lots of additive media time. Serving behavioral and route-informed suggestions for local fare comes next; and data partners like Foursquare will enable it. But moving past ad targeting — an arguably tired conversation — local data can unlock operational efficiencies…

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  • Cuebiq Partners With GeTui for Chinese Retail Data

    …, even grocery stores.” These companies, Tomarchio says, need more intelligence on what is happening in the physical world in the local scene, and now his company is positioned to address that demand. Differences between China’s local market and what brands are used to in the US create some challenges to gathering the type of data they want. “You have…

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  • How Using Wearables Data Can Strengthen Brands’ Outreach

    …, we found the design unfashionable, we had concerns about the privacy of our information, or we just didn’t feel we could do more with the tracker than we could with our smartphone or a basic running watch. Whatever the reason, when it comes to wearables, “Dropout from device usage is a serious problem for the industry,” says Angela McIntyre…

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  • ‘Deep Audience’: Reach, the Location-Rich Media-Mix, and the Whole Marketing Picture

    ‘Deep Audience’: Reach, the Location-Rich Media-Mix, and the Whole Marketing Picture May 26, 2017 by Jon Friedman Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary For all its late nights, heated arguments, and deal-making pressure, the upfront season encapsulates everything media professionals love about the TV industry — its impact on pop culture, its undisputed dominance as a reach vehicle, and its.

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  • How New Location Data Tools Are Making Attribution a Reality

    …, continued investment in programmatic advertising technology and transactions will see programmatic’s share of total US digital video ad spending rise to 82.0% by 2018. Conclusion: The coupling of the adoption of mobile handsets with this shift to automated buying has resulted in the creation of a scalable in-store attribution platform the likes…

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  • Commerce Signals and LiveRamp Partner to Create a Sales Data Yardstick

    … Big data is old news, even if it is sales data. But what gets done with data — especially in real-time — can tell a story that marketers need to hear. Data firm Commerce Signals has put together a new partnership with LiveRamp, an Acxiom company that provides identity resolution, to make data more valuable to merchants and advertisers…

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  • Study Highlights Location Data Uses in Real Estate, Retail Analysis, Smart Cities

    … Study Highlights Location Data Uses in Real Estate, Retail Analysis, Smart Cities October 20, 2016 by April Nowicki Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Location intelligence firm Cuebiq released a study this morning showcasing the kind of deep location data that its platform can reveal. For a month, Cuebiq tracked geo-behavioral patterns…

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  • Gimbal Launches Proximity Data Platform for Mobile App Publishers

    … Gimbal Launches Proximity Data Platform for Mobile App Publishers July 13, 2016 by Joseph Zappa Leave a Comment Filed Under: Mobile, News While more consumers own smartphones than ever before, they also face an unprecedented number of options when it comes to mobile apps. For app publishers, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd — even…

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  • How Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Massive Opportunity in Local Data

    … decisions and transform your business by measuring and quantifying the world in a way that was never possible before. Eli Portnoy is the CEO and co-founder of Sense360, which helps businesses make better decisions through sensor-data. He was previously CEO and co-founder of location-based ad network Thinknear, which he sold to Telenav in 2012. You can follow him on twitter @eportnoy. …

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  • xAd Unveils Location Intelligence Platform for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

    … xAd, a New York-based company that leverages location data to help marketers understand how best to court consumers, announced a new tool called MarketPlace Discovery on Wednesday. The platform will provide brands with insights about where consumers active in their industries are shopping. The release builds on xAd’s previous work to provide…

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  • Rocket Fuel and The Data Trust Partner to Improve GOP Ad Targeting

    … computers, laptops, and smartphones. Each serves a unique purpose and, as such, marketers are learning to treat them as unique entities as they deliver ads. In an effort to improve the ad targeting efforts of Republican campaigns, ad tech company Rocket Fuel announced today that it has partnered with The Data Trust, a right-of-center voter file…

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