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    • Webinar Recap: Building the Local Marketing Tech Stack

      Big brands plan to invest more in data and technology for the digital local marketing, and it is easy to see why. Connecting with the right audience and generating leads for sales teams has become even more crucial in the completion for local. Small businesses tend to be earlier adopters of digital marketing, as they eagerly try to reach out to their local markets.

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    • So Long Local Search — Hello Machine-Directed Discovery

      Are you finally understanding how to get your business locations to show up properly on the Internet? Are you using a great marketing service that manages your online local visibility? Well whatever you thought you knew about getting your business found online and on mobile, or whatever you are currently learning, is already obsolete.

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  • Quantifying the Physical World with a Product-Based Approach

    … for Gathering Data In business, the idea of gathering census data about consumers is equally as important for many of the same reasons governments use the information. Quantifying and understanding the physical world in terms of understanding consumers’ digital and offline behavior, while mapping their journey across multiple touchpoints can…

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  • Why Location Visit Data Is Going to Be Huge for Brands

    … to be the biggest, most critical shift in the young history of location data markets. Chris is the Chief Revenue Officer at Unacast, where he leads revenue and commercial initiatives and is responsible for creating new ways to merchandize proximity data and serve the data-driven ad industry. Prior to Unacast, Chris was the founder and CEO at appssavvy. …

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  • PlaceIQ Brings Its Location Data to IRI’s Platform for CPG Brands

    … PlaceIQ Brings Its Location Data to IRI’s Platform for CPG Brands July 10, 2017 by Joao-Pierre Ruth Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Building on an ongoing relationship, PlaceIQ and market research company IRI have announced a new partnership that brings insights on location and shoppers’ behavior to the consumer packaged goods sector…

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  • An Unsexy Truth: Emerging Tech Hinges on Local Data

    … — everything from NAP to snaps. Speaking of Snap, it has validated this very principle through two recent acquisitions that support a location data play: Placed and Zenly. These moves follow geo-filters in Snapchat’s march towards more local relevance for shared snaps and AR content like World Lenses. Another local example (though non-AR) is Uber’s move…

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  • Cuebiq Partners With GeTui for Chinese Retail Data

    … Location data provider Cuebiq just got access to a significant resource for gathering insights on consumer behavior in China. This morning the company announced it has entered into a partnership with GeTui, a Hangzhou-based mobile internet, push-notification service provider to nearly one billion devices. Under their agreement, the companies…

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  • How Using Wearables Data Can Strengthen Brands’ Outreach

    … If you’re one of the millions of people who received a fitness tracker or smartwatch in the past year, can you honestly say – hand on heart – that you’re still using it? I’m going to take a wild guess that, rather than strapped to your wrist tracking your every waking (and sleeping) moment, it’s now buried among the clutter in a sock drawer…

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  • How New Location Data Tools Are Making Attribution a Reality

    … is not advertising at all — and hasn’t been for quite some time. In today’s media world we buy “audience,” which is really another way of saying we are buying data. The advertisement or banner ad is just an action layer that rests on top of a data decision. The combination of this geo-aware computer in your pocket and this data-driven advertising model…

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  • Commerce Signals and LiveRamp Partner to Create a Sales Data Yardstick

    … Big data is old news, even if it is sales data. But what gets done with data — especially in real-time — can tell a story that marketers need to hear. Data firm Commerce Signals has put together a new partnership with LiveRamp, an Acxiom company that provides identity resolution, to make data more valuable to merchants and advertisers…

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  • Study Highlights Location Data Uses in Real Estate, Retail Analysis, Smart Cities

    … Study Highlights Location Data Uses in Real Estate, Retail Analysis, Smart Cities October 20, 2016 by April Nowicki Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Location intelligence firm Cuebiq released a study this morning showcasing the kind of deep location data that its platform can reveal. For a month, Cuebiq tracked geo-behavioral patterns…

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  • Gimbal Launches Proximity Data Platform for Mobile App Publishers

    … already using the Gimbal platform include Scanlife, SnipSnap, and Perfect365. To source the data, Gimbal partners with a number of local data companies including Kochava Collective and Unacast. Gimbal’s platform-as-a-service spares mobile app publishers the need to hire developers or task their own developers with laying out an infrastructure…

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  • How Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Massive Opportunity in Local Data

    … highly relevant data points. The difficulty of accessing local data has been changing with the rise of smartphones. All of a sudden, it is possible to measure movement and context. We no longer have to guess and approximate where consumers go, because mobile phones can provide data that paints a much richer picture of where, when, and why users visit…

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  • xAd Unveils Location Intelligence Platform for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

    … xAd, a New York-based company that leverages location data to help marketers understand how best to court consumers, announced a new tool called MarketPlace Discovery on Wednesday. The platform will provide brands with insights about where consumers active in their industries are shopping. The release builds on xAd’s previous work to provide…

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