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    • 5 Small Business Gift Cards Hacks Just in Time for Mother’s Day

      What are you getting mom for Mother’s Day this year? Hopefully you’re getting her some flowers, but when you want to go above and beyond for mom, what’s your typical go-to? Dinner? If you’re in the same city with matching schedules, that’s a great idea. Teddy bear? Not unless your 7 or under. Let’s face it – moms are hard to shop for.

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    • Case Study: Auto Shop Outsources Social Ad Campaigns

      Merchant: Reliable Auto Repair Location: San Jose, California Platforms: ReachLocal, Facebook, Google, Yelp Bottom Line: Business owners that don’t have personal Facebook accounts are more likely to outsource the management of their professional social media campaigns. As social media advertising becomes more pervasive, businesses have to do more to get noticed.

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  • 7 Birthday Marketing Ideas – Get Customers in the Door on Their Big Day

    … successful birthday marketing looks like in the average customer’s inbox. These guys truly get birthday marketing. Their birthday marketing emails feature enticing incentives, adorable copywriting and strong calls to action. GAP Omni Hotels Sephora Pretty slick, huh? We thought so too. While you may not have the same high quality design…

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  • 5 Ways Retail Changes in the Spring – Seasonal Small Biz Tips

    … Local businesses have been shaking off the snow, cleaning their gutters and updating their inventory and displays to prepare for spring. Does that include you? Ensure your business is ready as well. Here are a few key trends local businesses should keep in mind for spring. 1. They’re spending more time outside. With the weather warming up…

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  • What will your customers do with that tax refund?

    … to The Motley Fool, that might perk you back up: Where will your customers spend that $943 (1/3 of the average $2,860 refund)? Don’t count yourself out of the race for their tax refund. Big box corporations are spending beaucoup (“buku”) bucks targeting these refund receivers. But you don’t need the heavy marketing spend to do the same in your…

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  • The Coming Polarization of the SMB Software Market

    … Many, if not most, B2B startups begin life selling to small-to-medium-sized businesses. This is a great first market. For one thing, it’s massive. It’s also far easier to reach than the enterprise. Just how large is the SMB market? According to Intuit, there are 30 million small businesses in the United States alone. There are 60 million…

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  • Were you at the Seattle Biz Talk?

    … Local businesses in the Pacific Northwest face similar challenges to your own. Much like you, they know they need to be actively pursuing new customers while at the same time keeping tabs on current clients. At our recent Seattle Biz Talk, industry experts joined forces to deliver valuable insights and personalized help to attendees. We know…

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  • Top News Stories and Trends in Local Business 3/27

    … Who’s got the time anymore to troll news sites for the latest trends and news in local business news? Well, we do. We tracked down the top local news from this month, so you don’t have to. The Latest and Greatest Local Business News Wells Fargo Survey: Small Business Optimism Surges to Pre-Recession Levels (Fuel Marketer News) Each quarter…

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  • Research Roundup: Comparing Franchisees and Independent Professionals

    … As background research in support of Street Fight’s forthcoming Local Merchant report, I came across some good surveys focused at opposite ends of the local small business spectrum: franchise operators and self-employed professionals. Comparing the results, it feels like, though the industry is selling these groups the same marketing…

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  • How to Make Your Global Brand Irresistible to a Local Audience

    … and relationship marketing and has built one of the strongest communities in the SEO industry using social media. Together with her team, Olga has made social media an integral part of the marketing mix at SEMrush ensuring customer support, conferences, online events, PR and other marketing activities are supported through the social platforms SEMrush is officially using. The post How to Make Your Global Brand Irresistible to a Local Audience appeared first on Jeffbullas's Blog. …

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  • Why It’s Too Early to Go All In on Virtual Assistants

    … As the so-called customer journey takes new twists and turns, tech companies and agencies should help local businesses and brands differentiate themselves via user experience. Catering to virtual assistants might seem to be the path towards that goal. But it’s probably too early to make huge bets on these technologies, and there are more…

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  • Know Your Neighbors – 4 Benefits of Business Networking

    … Know Your Neighbors – 4 Benefits of Business Networking March 2, 2017 - Posted by Lauryn Johnson to Local Marketing/ Reputation Large corporations routinely hire public affairs, community relations and corporate citizenship leaders to represent their businesses locally. Why? Some will say it’s to further a big business agenda, and maybe…

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  • 5 Steps to Evaluate Your Online Business Listings

    … 5 Steps to Evaluate Your Online Business Listings February 22, 2017 - Posted by Lauryn Johnson to Business Matters/ Local Marketing/ Resources Do you know where search engines are pulling your business’s information from? The most common response we get when we ask that question is, “from my website, of course!” Not so fast. If you want…

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  • Attach a Price Tag to that Happy New Customer

    … Attach a Price Tag to that Happy New Customer February 14, 2017 - Posted by Lauryn Johnson to Local Marketing In a perfect world, every customer you bring in would stick around for the long haul. It’s a lot cheaper and easier to sell to someone you’ve sold to before – someone you already have a relationship with. The broad consensus…

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