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    • Borrell Sizes Up What’s Behind Local Ad Media Choices

      We know from the numbers that local advertisers are increasingly choosing social media to place their messages. But they’re also turning out to be cautious businesspeople who like to maintain a balance in their placements among multiple media, as the new Borrell Associates survey of local advertisers shows. Digital banners are supposed to be so “Web 1.

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    • DNAinfo and Gothamist Shuttered Suddenly by Ricketts Following Vote to Unionize

      The delete button has hit two well-known and established local news sites. Gone at 5 p.m. Thursday were nine-year-old DNAinfo, with its expert and rooted coverage of all five boroughs of New York City, plus a newer site in Chicago, and a sister operation, 15-year-old Gothamist, which produced a city-that-never-sleeps narrative of New York under Brooklyn-born co-founder and pu ...

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  • JustPremium CEO Details Industry Campaign Against Ads That Users Hate

    … We know what kind of ads Internet users hate. Among the most hated by both desktop and mobile users are pop-ups, auto-play videos with sound and large sticky ads. The Coalition for Better Ads, which includes many members of the ad industry, trade associations and a few news publishers, is developing new standards to give users a better…

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  • Patch’s Leader Says the Network Today Is Proof That Local Can Scale

    … the truism, AOL lost between $200 million and $300 million. Now, Warren St. John, who has led Hale Global’s Patch since the takeover, says the network is a model for scaled local news – editorially, financially and as a community asset. In this Q & A, he presents his case: What new about today’s Patch? The short answer is the whole thing. We…

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  • Time to Take a Deep Breath — Local News Isn’t Becoming ‘Extinct’

    … are driving many local news consumers – especially the ones advertisers especially want to reach – to ad blockers. Local newspapers are also struggling with their Facebook relationships, where their content makes the giant distribution platform billions of dollars in profits but delivers revenue crumbs to the publishers. Facebook’s new Local News…

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  • What Happens If Facebook Gets Serious About Local?

    …, and platforms like Yelp and TripAdvisor earn a tiny fraction of the conversation. And then there’s Facebook. What Google is to search, Facebook is to social. Those same local business owners know that, when it comes to social marketing, a good portion of their success depends on what they and their customers do on Facebook. I’ve often wondered, What…

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  • 4 Ways to Track Traditional Local Media Using Digital

    … will then be able to attribute value to each channel, which means tracking and optimizing traditional media through digital methods. Call tracking is an easy way to track traditional media campaigns to determine the ROI. Tracking numbers can be used in outdoor advertising, television, radio ads, print media and direct mail. 4. Data Correlation Advanced…

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  • Will Local News Providers Make Virtual Reality an Actual Strategy?

    … As “chief instigator” of the new “Media-Nxt” report, entrepreneur and academic Sean Branagan is brimming with enthusiasm about what new technologies can do to inject life into local news that’s so often missing. Yet before completing his over-the-horizon peek in this space last week, Branagan flashed a surprising yellow caution light, saying…

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  • ‘Media-Nxt’: How Local News Can Finally Enter Its Digital 21st Century

    … to connect more deeply with its readers. But go to any local news sites, entrepreneurial or corporate, ones operated by newspapers or “pure-plays,” and you won’t see much connecting that leaps off the page. Both readers and the industry are paying the price. The newly published report “Media-Nxt” wants to help the local news industry not only…

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  • The Place of Newspapers in the Local Marketing Ecosystem

    … are already winding down July. A little birdie told me you were in our nation’s capital last week presenting to an audience of local newspaper operators. I thought we might talk about some of the cross-currents those folks are facing this week while it they were still fresh in your mind. Mike: I was! I was invited to speak at the Association…

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  • New CEO at Daily Voice Says Full-Bore Expansion Is His Mission

    … merchants that they should use the Daily Voice to get their message to consumers? Kilgore: Daily Voice offers a different value proposition than Facebook or search. A good media plan for a local business should include various digital channels. We sell very little display advertising. Our core offering is content marketing. We work with businesses…

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