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    • GateHouse’s Newton: ‘We Want to Own More Local Newspapers’

      GateHouse Media is a sprawling giant among local and community news publications. It owns 125 daily newspapers and 316 weeklies with a combined 3.3 million subscribers in over 415 markets nationwide and its 530 websites reach 35 million people. But it is determined to keep growing as the centerpiece of its holding company, the expansion-minded New Media Investment Group, in a ...

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  • As Merchants Flock to Social Media, How Can Community News Sites Keep Pace?

    No one should be surprised that SMBs are pouring more and more advertising dollars into social media. The most recent numbers, from Borrell Associates’ 2016 Advertising Survey of 7,564 regional, local and neighborhood businesses, are here and here, indicating that more than 62% of SMBs have now bought Facebook ads, and 90% have a social media presence.

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  • As 10-Year Mark Approaches, West Seattle Blog Sticks to Profitable Basics

    … after all. Then DataSphere at least for a while was trying to sell local ads on a couple other regional legacy-media organizations’ event calendars. Patch has several sites in metro Seattle, but not West Seattle. Did you scare them away? If you look closely, they don’t REALLY have any local sites. They have automated setups that appear to have…

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  • New Report Identifies Enterprise Customer Types & Needs

    … technologies, and The data analytics tools frequently produce results in conflict with one another. Street Fight’s latest report analyzes a survey of over 200 national brands and retailers on their local marketing strategies. Decision-makers at these companies identified key difficulties in managing their digital marketing in support of local branches…

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  • Leader of Reuters Institute’s Bleak News Report: ‘We Can Do It’

    … I was slammed by five words in the recent “Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2016”: “Local journalism continues to decline.” But then, in a later section of the report, I discovered that both men and women in the U.S. and internationally rank local as their number one category of news. So which is it — should the publishers of community news…

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  • LMC Chief: Local News Pessimists Are Missing the Big Innovations

    … measure the news media — particularly local — from the perspective of what it was rather than what it is becoming. The business model for local news was easy when there was one newspaper and three television stations in a market, and there was no internet, no mobile, no social media. It’s more challenging today (putting it mildly), but new business…

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  • Are Community Networks the Final Frontier for Local Publishers?

    … Are Community Networks the Final Frontier for Local Publishers? June 29, 2016 by Scott Barnett Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary There has been a lot of debate recently regarding whether Facebook is or isn’t a publisher. Regardless, some assert that Facebook, at a minimum, should exercise editorial control much as as a publisher would…

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  • How Community News Can Win Respect — And Bring in Revenue

    … According to the new Reuters Institute Digital News Report, women and men have their own favorite categories of news. Women, for example, rank health and education very high and politics further down. For men, it’s the reverse in those categories, the report says. But the two sexes agree on their number one favorite – local news…

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  • Lee Enterprises and Okanjo Team Up to Match Ads to News ‘Sentiment’

    … and subscriptions) longer term, as this 10-year chart shows. The publishing company brags about its 16% annual compounded increase in combined digital revenue over the decade. But Lee’s print ad revenues are disappearing faster than they can be replaced by digital revenue. Lee’s still-formidable long-term debt of $625 million — most of it from…

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  • Understanding the Context of Local Advertising’s Supply and Demand

    … of achieving that objective are distinctly different. This is most obvious in the comparative approach towards local media. Where many brands have dismissed local and focused instead on outlets that reach the masses for cost efficiencies in scale, politics has always remained rooted in context, where local media reigns. Local publishers provide trusted…

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  • #SFSNYC Recap: 5 Key Takeaways from This Year’s Summit

    … Angus Davis, discussed the merits of balancing focus with strategic expansion opportunities. On the one hand, Rowlands noted that a fragmented market needs a leader. On the other, Richelson cautioned that the allure of going horizontal notwithstanding, products need to fit customer needs. Opening keynote speaker Josh McCarter, CEO of Booker, was more…

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