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  • Yelp Rapes Businesses

    … How did Hitler massacre Jews? Gas chambers. How do some southern animal shelters get rid of unwanted dogs & cats? Gas chambers. How does Yelp rape businesses? (Digital) gas chamber, a.k.a. Yelp.com If you aren’t aware, Yelp (a local business review site) is the biggest & baddest “do evil” mother f*cking business of all time. You…

    Taewoo Kim/ ShoeMoneyin Paid Search- 29 readers -
  • Why Local Marketing is Scarier than Osama bin Laden

    …, and all that other offline stuff? Dr.X: Same. We stopped those. Don’t work. Me: I see… …. and you’re getting 1 new patient ever other day from the campaigns I made for you. Dr.X: Yeah, but this is the web. Shouldn’t i be getting like 100 a day? Me: Let me give you an analogy. Local marketing is like going to the gym. Better it’s like a rat…

    Taewoo Kim/ ShoeMoneyin SEO- 21 readers -
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