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    • Forget about unique content. Try actually BEING local!

      Is it just me, or does it really seem lately like every marketer is looking for a silver bullet when it comes to SEO? Even though nothing even close to a silver bullet exists, the search is always on for the “one big thing” that can really jump a site up in the rankings. It’s time for another installment of Greg’s Soapbox.

      Greg Gifford/ Search Engine Landin SEO Content- 16 readers -
    • Local SEO now has an organic ROI tracking method

      The ability to track digital efforts to in-store visits can be the single most difficult challenge a local business conquers. Since the beginning of time (local search time), marketers have been working to find opportunities to understand how digital efforts drive in-store visits. The challenge we marketers face is that if we are not paying for advertising, it is difficult t ...

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    • Don’t let your business play possum with local search

      For brick-and-mortar businesses, proximity to the searcher’s location has become even more important as a ranking signal thanks to a Google algorithm update nicknamed Possum. With the Possum algorithm change, Google is continuing down a path it has been traveling for quite some time, which is the merging of local and organic ranking signals.

      Adam Dorfman/ Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 18 readers -
  • Is your location data being held hostage?

    … becomes “tier-two” when it lacks visibility in search engine results pages. Tier-two directories might have once been favored by Google’s search algorithm for local queries but aren’t anymore. They remain part of the local search conversation primarily because of their past reputations, not their current performance — which can make it more difficult…

    Adam Dorfman/ Search Engine Landin SEO -
  • What you need to reach the big leagues of local SEO

    … a successful career in local SEO. The right stuff If you aspire to local SEO success, you’ve got to have the right stuff. The competition in the industry is fierce, and it’s not easy to stand out among your peers. If you’re looking to wow the scouts, or if you’re considering lacing up your cleats for the first time and joining the local SEO game, these…

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 10 readers -
  • Results from the Local SEO Ranking Factors Study presented at SMX East

    … The SMX East Session “The 2016 Quantitative Local SEO Ranking Factors Study” presented by Local SEO Guide‘s Dan Leibson (Vice President of Local & Product) and Andrew Shotland (President) explored the results of their recent study analyzing and prioritizing ranking factors that affect local search. Unlike many studies that simply summarize…

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 11 readers -
  • Multi-location local SEO strategy: domain structure

    … individual location landing pages for physical business locations, franchise systems and multi-location brands can turn user queries into business visits. Developing location pages that are an extension of the primary brand domain allows brands to capture valuable real estate on search engine results pages (SERPs) and rank more prominently on hyper-local…

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 14 readers -
  • Everything you need to know about Google’s ‘Possum’ algorithm update

    For those of you wondering what “Possum” is, it’s the name we in the local search community decided to give the massive Local algorithm update that happened September 1, 2016. Phil Rozek suggested the name, pointing out that it is fitting since many business owners think their Google My Business listings are gone, when in fact they are not.

    Search Engine Land- 45 readers -
  • How to manage local listings for enterprise brands

    … overwhelming. And it’s not uncommon for enterprise brands to feel like they’re playing SEO whack-a-mole, constantly beating down duplicate listings, inaccurate data and any local search changes that inevitably pop up from Google. Fortunately, there are steps enterprise brands can take to tame their unruly location data and prevent it from getting out…

    Search Engine Landin SEO How To's- 8 readers -
  • Digitizing traditional marketing methods to compete in local search

    … it can be translated to digital. According to Moz’s 2015 Local Search Ranking Factors survey, link signals are among the top ranking factors for local SEO, and we can use this information to our advantage. Go to the press, or submit press releases through paid providers (PRweb.com, for example) to increase inbound links to the site. Your website’s…

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 12 readers -
  • Is Google filtering your business in the local search results?

    … love to hear about them. Feel free to tweet me examples or leave details on the thread on the Local Search Forum. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here. About The Author Joy Hawkins is a Local SEO expert who is a part of Google's Top…

    Search Engine Landin SEO Google- 16 readers -
  • Local SEO in 2017 and beyond: managed strategy vs. automation

    … Over the past five-plus years, the digital marketing world has seen an influx of Local Search SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms emerge with different value propositions for brands with physical store locations. Generally speaking, these platforms allow companies to store business location data (Name, Address, Phone Number) in one central…

    Search Engine Landin SEO- 17 readers -
  • Local citations are dead; long live local citations!

    … In June, we published a large statistical study on how Google’s local algorithm works. The study data suggested that citations did not appear to correlate with good local rankings. Seems like just yesterday Moz local guru David Mihm called out that local citations were in fact the new link. The TL;DR was that Google was likely using mentions…

    Andrew Shotland/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 9 readers -
  • How Pokémon Go can help generate SEO and foot traffic

    … Pokémon Go is all the rage right now, and it’s unlike anything we have seen in the gaming world. It is having a major impact on local businesses as well. The game has users, both kids and adults, walking everywhere trying to catch Pokémon. And those users are ending up near local businesses! A recent article published on Huffington Post tells…

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