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    • Ask Yoast case study: SEO for a fashion business

      As a small business owner in the fashion and interior design industry, it’s important to make sure that visitors become familiar with your work and style. But when it comes to making your site SEO proof, some other aspects need attention as well. This case study focuses on the site bedivine.com.au, a great example of a visually nice site, in need of some small SEO finishing tou ...

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    • How to respond to online reviews of your business

      Online reviews are important for any local business. They’ve become essential in local search strategies. Having positive reviews and ratings will help in attracting traffic, both to your website as well as to your local business. Should you respond to positive reviews? And what about the negative ones? Here, I’ll give you lots of tips on how to respond to online reviews of your business.

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    • Google Vince and Venice: How These Two Updates Changed the SEO Landscape

      Most of today’s SEO strategies and techniques have been done to address the updates made by Google. Every now and then, Google would announce updates and tweaks into their metrics and algorithms, to which SEO professionals would respond accordingly. These updates were made to optimize Google’s performance, and ensure that users are getting the best information possible.

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  • Local SEO Strategies That Will Blow Competitors Out of the Water

    … Local SEO is a highly competitive field that has numerous businesses that aim to get on top of the rankings. With the improvement on Google’s local SEO analytics and metrics, the objective of finding the right local SEO strategies would ensure that you have the edge over your competitors. With the competition being as tight…

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  • How Optimizing Google My Business Can Improve Your Local SEO

    … A lot of businesses today are now seeing the value of SEO and how it improves their visibility on the internet. This allows them to get leads that would be interested in their products and services, some of which would be converted into sales. A business with a solid SEO and linkbuilding strategy greatly benefits from this system. For local…

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  • The Right Tools to Track your Local SEO and SEM

    … Tracking your local SEO and SEM is highly important for your SEO and link building strategies. Being able to track these would help determine what strategy works and what does not, which can help you assess and look for other strategies that can be used. While most businesses and companies focus on increasing their internet traffic by using…

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  • Create a website with SEO in mind: Technical pointers

    … your website for you. All in all, you’re pretty confident that you can now start a website without any problems. But wait. Have you thought about this little thing called SEO? Become a technical SEO expert with our Technical SEO 1 training! » $199 - Buy now » Info Create your website with SEO in mind A large part of the search engine optimization…

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  • The holidays arrived early for local marketers

    …The holiday season has arrived early for locally focused marketers. Consider the developments that have occurred just in the past week: Google My Business API added new features, including the ability to manage your Google Posts. Facebook announced a number of tools and partnerships supporting... Please visit Search Engine Land for the full…

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  • Video: Last Week in Local Oct. 9, 2017

    … Last week in local 10/9/2017 Join Local U for the latest public episode of Last Week in Local, a weekly conversation about the articles that attracted our attention during the past week ending Oct. 2nd, 2017. This week features Mary Bowling & Mike blumenthal. If you have a special topic you would like us to discuss for our other weekly…

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  • The Expert’s Guide to Local SEO – September Updates are Live!

    … This month's updates to The Expert's Guide to Local SEO have been published, and if you haven't purchased your copy yet - now is a great time to make the investment in your Local SEO future! Now up to 212 pages, Joy has added over 30 pages since she first published the guide in April. Along with the brand-new updates this month - we're…

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  • Ask Yoast case study: SEO for a property inspector

    … in the search results and the CTR to your website could increase because of that rich result. To sum it up It was great reviewing the website of Building Property Inspections Melbourne. We think it’s a clear website and with some SEO improvements, the rankings should increase. The first thing is creating cornerstone content pages of the services…

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  • SEO for non-profits

    …-profit organization, as Google is the most important channel for information for most people. Ranking high in Google is the way to reach your audience. Non-profits should have no problem coming up with ideas for content. Focusing on writing awesome content will probably be the best and most effective SEO strategy. Top that off with great technical…

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  • How to create a kickass link-building strategy for local SEO

    … Link-building is a tried and tested SEO tactic, and although there are a number of dubious ways to go about it, at base developing a strong link-building strategy is a smart and very necessary way to get your site ranked above your competitors. This is particularly true of local SEO, where a few savvy tactics for building links and relationships…

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  • Ranking your local business part 8: Behavioral Signals

    …-world behavior, the SERP interface is rewarding more technical tactics like Schema markup and rich snippets. And while the sophistication of Google’s algorithm and the number of local businesses who are paying attention to SEO make it harder than ever to rank, the payoff may be lower as fewer businesses win organic real estate above the fold…

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  • [Infographic] 40 Technical SEO Mistakes – SEMrush Study 2017

    … As we are all know, No one can make a website which is perfect and impeccable and sometime It’s quite difficult to develop an error free. Every time we are facing thousands of issues on the website while developing. After developing the website, when it’s come to technical SEO mistakes then it difficult to resolve. These below infographic…

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  • Ranking your local business part 7: Social Signals

    … drunk from a firehose. There are a lot of angles from which to attack Local SEO! Generally speaking, though, social media is not one of them, so this will be the shortest post of the series. Marcus Miller of Bowler Hat Marketing, a long-time participant in the Local Search Ranking Factors survey, sums up the place of social media brilliantly: “Do…

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  • How to make sure your dealer locator tools are optimized for local SEO

    … Brands with many distributor locations across the country use dealer locator tools to provide consumers information on how to find their products at local stores. But more often than not, these dealer locator mappers are missing the necessary local SEO optimizations that make their distributor locations appear prominently on search results pages…

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  • Ranking your local business part 6: The impact of reviews

    … links and how to build citations. Here, I’ll focus on another core local search ranking factor: generating reviews about your business. Learn why and how to do that! Make sure your customers find your shop! Optimize your site with our Local SEO plugin and show your opening hours, locations, map and much more! » Buy Local SEO plugin Info How…

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