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    • SEO Practices That Will Make Google Hurt Your Site

      A website can be one of the most valuable assets of a business these days, especially if the business runs primarily on the internet. There are quite a large number of internet-based businesses – while they are run by real people that manage the business from an office or from their own homes, the website that represents their businesses it like a virtual storefront where custo ...

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    • Ranking your local business at Google: part 1 of 8

      Previously, we published an interview with local SEO specialist David Mihm on our SEO blog. As a lot of you liked this interview, David and Yoast decided to join forces and publish a series of posts about Local SEO. In this series, David will go over the various aspects that contribute to your local rankings.

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  • Ranking your local business part IV: Inbound links

    This is the fourth post in an 8-part series on how to rank your business for local searches at Google. Previously, I’ve listed the most important aspects that influence your local ranking, discussed how to get the most out of Google My Business, and covered best practices for on-site optimization. Here, I’ll focus on another essential asset for local SEO: earning inbound links ...

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  • Ranking your local business #3: Website optimization

    … This is the third post in an 8-part series on how to rank your business for local searches at Google. Previously, I’ve listed the most important aspects that influence your local ranking and discussed how to get the most of Google My Business. Here, I’ll focus on another essential asset for local SEO: optimizing your website for local search…

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  • Ranking your local business at Google: part 2 of 8

    … customers find your shop! Optimize your site with our Local SEO plugin and show your opening hours, locations, map and much more! » Buy now » Info After starting its life as a rudimentary web form called the Local Business Center, Google My Business has matured into a highly sophisticated product over the last decade. In the last couple of years…

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  • Video Deep Dive: Google as your new Home Page

    … of Google as your new homepage, tactics that you can use to improve your conversion in the new world of Google Local. I was a doing a presentation for a number of high-level owners about Google Local, and I was explaining to them that it's very difficult to succeed at every search that Google is now presenting your business, and they even know…

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  • Social media for small business owners

    You are a small business owner with a local target audience. Of course, your local audience needs to find your shop or office, and you want to use social media for that. But, in the plethora of platforms, you just have no clue where to start. So you post something on Facebook, try a tweet now and then, but nothing happens.

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  • After Some Challenging Pivots, Moz Digs Deeper for Growth

    … the local product, which we’re really proud of, and the core SEO flagship product that we have play very nicely together. One of the really fascinating, interesting, exciting, challenging, baffling, energizing things about how SEO is changing is this different SERP topography, that it’s there’s different kind of SERP results, and it’s not as simple as 10…

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  • 8 Ways to Dominate Your Local SEO Rankings

    … putting in work. You should generate content that specifically targets keywords that have low competition, and always remember that it is best if you add them to your HTML tags and anchor text. #2. Link Building Opportunities It is a well-known fact that a great link building campaign is essential for a successful SEO campaign. Therefore, it is also…

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  • Mia: Local Business Reviews, Loyalty, and CRM

    … – Signpost’s API allows you to integrate any of your current systems in minutes. Purchase Tracking – Enable purchase tracking to close the loop on your marketing efforts. Transaction data will elevate your message sophistication, providing true 1:1 communication. Text Messaging – With 8x the engagement of email, Mia also communicates with your…

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  • Video Deep Dive: Local Search for Medical Practices

    … as Joel Headley of Google. Now with PatientPop, a local medical practice marketing service. So, Joel, I've known you many years, obviously. I think the first time I was flown out to Mountain View in 2008 is when I met you, a long time ago. You were in Local at Google then, you stayed in Local for many years after that. But maybe you could fill in some…

    Mike Blumenthal/ Local Universityin SEO- 20 readers -
  • Ultimate guide to small business SEO

    … SEO isn’t just for large companies. As a small business or local business, there is actually a lot you can do to achieve local goals yourself. Many of these things relate to focus. In this ultimate guide for local and small business SEO, we’ll tell you about finding your niche, optimizing pages and social media efforts. Way back in 2014 we…

    Michiel Heijmans/ Yoastin SEO- 27 readers -
  • All the Details You Need to Rank with Local SEO Marketing

    … partners get their clients ranking on local search results. Itamar Gero, SEO Reseller This infographic from SEO Reseller is a solid checklist that I’d absolutely recommend for any company looking to grow their local search presence. Called, 16 Local SEO Fixes to Ramp Up Your Rankings in 20 Days, the infographic walks local business owners, agencies…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin SEO- 20 readers -
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