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  • How Google May Respond to Reverse Engineering of Spam Detection

    … to manipulate search results by spaming pages, and Google may delay responding to someone’s manipulative actions to make them think that whatever actions they were taking didn’t have an impact upon search results. That patent focused upon organic search results, and Google’s Head of Web Spam Matt Cutts responded to my post with a video in which he…

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  • Cancelled Invasive Google Here Program Patent Application

    … This morning, I ran across the news article Google reportedly kills plan to let retailers send notifications in Maps, and I knew exactly what the story was about, without reading past the headline, because I had noticed a patent application that came out on the 20th that described the program in question. As the story tells us, Larry Page shut…

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  • How You May Be Helping Google Map Indoor Spaces

    … map. I can remember visiting places, and using Google Maps to find walking directions to busy Urban spaces. This does seem to be a capability that helps make our lives easier. Summary Article Name How You May Help Google Map Indoor Spaces Author Bill Slawski Description A recent Google Patent Application describes how Google might used sensors in Mobile devices to track and Map indoor spaces. Related …

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  • Google Maps Using Photos to Identify Spam?

    … A couple of interesting patent applications surfaced at Google recently, involving the use of photography in Local Search, to identify whether or not businesses actually exist, or might be closed, or might be Web Spam. Google Street View Car in Bristol, Byrion Smith, Some rights reserved The first of these looks at Street Views images…

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