• 6 Self-Service Location Intelligence Solutions

      When CraveLabs opened up its platform to media planners and analysts looking for self-service location intelligence solutions last year, the company joined a select group of hyperlocal vendors. Thanks in part to the maturing location intelligence market, a small but growing number of firms are providing self-service capabilities to sophisticated clients.

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  • CraveLabs Launches Self-Service Location Intelligence Solution

    CraveLabs Launches Self-Service Location Intelligence Solution December 15, 2017 by Stephanie Miles Leave a Comment Filed Under: News In what could be seen as a signal of things to come for the mobile-location industry, CraveLabs is opening up its platform and launching a suite of self-service tools to give media planners and location analysts more open access to the company’s suite of locat.

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  • Looking at Location Signals, GroundTruth Looks at Ways to Predict Behavior

    …/longitude data from a device with information about the physical boundaries of business locations from the company’s Blueprints technology. “It gives us a really precise picture of where the location dot is, whether it’s in a store, on a retail block, or in the parking lot,” Ohle says. With that, GroundTruth is able to aggregate all the data points…

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  • MomentFeed Leverages Data with New Partner Integration Program

    … will enable multi-location brands to integrate the MomentFeed platform with hundreds of CRM, help desk, marketing dashboards, and vertical-specific systems through a set of two-way API connectors. MomentFeed CEO Robert Blatt says the new product and customer program is designed to improve the mobile consumer experience and provide brands…

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  • PlaceIQ Study Examines the State of Integrated Marketing

    … an integrated marketing approach,” McCall says. “The survey shows that brands with smaller advertising budgets are those that likely have to be more strategic and innovative about their integrated marketing approach.” Surveying 200 senior marketers in retail, auto, CPG, dining, and travel, researchers also found that 47% of marketers list…

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  • Placed Analysis Uncovers Location Data Biases

    … Flawed viewability metrics are grabbing headlines, and spurring debates among brand marketers, but a new challenge may be on the horizon for the mobile advertising industry. According to a new report released by the location-driven insights firm Placed, accuracy has fallen by the wayside in the rapidly expanding location-based advertising…

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  • Captivate Adds Content Partners in Push for a 360-Degree Ad Solution

    … Media is still fragmented, and as busy consumers become more and more media-averse, the industry is looking for new ways to reach them and new places to target them. Captivate announced Tuesday that 12 new content providers are joining the company’s digital place-based media network to take advantage of one of those new ways: on screens…

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  • LinkedIn Launches Linkedin Website Demographics

    … Demographics lets you filter your website audience by 8 individual professional dimensions, including: Job title Industry Job seniority Job function Company Company size Location Country Website Demographics will allow you to filter by date range to understand whether that recent marketing campaign boosted traffic from your desired…

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  • xAd Rebrands as GroundTruth in Push to Expand Beyond AdTech

    … In a signal of where the location technology space is heading, the location-based mobile advertising technology firm xAd announced this morning that it is expanding its scope and rebranding with a new name that better reflects the emerging landscape. “The name xAd served us well for the past eight years. But it also limited us with the name…

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  • Foursquare Extends Industry Reach With New Reddit Partnership

    … Foursquare Extends Industry Reach With New Reddit Partnership May 30, 2017 by Stephanie Miles Leave a Comment Filed Under: News Foursquare is announcing a new partnership with Reddit this morning, as the location technology firm looks to expand its reach within the social technology space. With Foursquare on board, Reddit users will now have…

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  • Location And Branding: Customer Experience At Its Best

    … Use Your Location To Improve Your Brand And Business Ever thought about how your physical location reflects on your brand and your business? Or did you rent the first available place you could afford without thinking about the marketing implications? Be honest. I know other factors are much higher up your real estate requirements list…

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  • Introducing Creative Factory: Mobile Ads Just Got A Lot Easier

    … Mobile advertising continues to be one of the fastest growing and most challenging sectors of the global marketing economy. According to the ad-buying agency Magna, digital advertising will surpass traditional TV advertising this year (thanks largely to mobile advertising). By 2021, mobile advertising will have increased to $215 billion, or 72…

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  • Foursquare Analysis Shows Where Customers Go When Retailers Close

    … Retailers are off to a bumpy start this year, with some of the nation’s largest brick-and-mortar chains announcing plans to shut down certain locations or close up shop altogether. With so much upheaval in the retail industry, Foursquare decided to use its first-party foot traffic data to offer a glimpse into the future for those brick…

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