Location-Based Advertising

Location-based advertising (LBA) is a new form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. The technology is used to pinpoint consumers location and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices. According to Bruner and Kumar (2007), "LBA refers to marketer-controlled information specially tailored for the place where users access an advertising medium" (p. 2).
Posts about Location-Based Advertising
  • 5 Reasons Why Local Marketing Will Mature in 2016

    … 5 Reasons Why Local Marketing Will Mature in 2016 December 16, 2015 by Gary Cowan Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Most small business owners are accustomed to wearing many hats and figuring things out on the fly. Navigating the complex world of local and digital marketing falls squarely into this camp, since it’s not typically…

    Street Fightin Social Mobile- 14 readers -
  • Dstillery VP: Mobile is a ‘Programmatic-First’ Platform

    … president of analytics at Dstillery. Street Fight recently caught up with Moores to talk about location data fraud, the role of location in programmatic, potential impact of Apple Pay and emerging attribution models. There’s been some tussling over whether the quality of the location data flowing through ad networks presents a meaningful problem…

    Street Fightin Mobile- 16 readers -
  • Solving the Dirty Data Problem in Location-Based Advertising

    … Mike Schneider is a guest contributor. If you would like to contribute a post to Street Fight, contact us here. Location and advertising go hand-in-hand. One great benefit of location-based advertising is the ability to set a targeted location preference in order to reach the consumers most valuable to a brand. A second benefit is reaching…

    David Hirschman/ Street Fight- 14 readers -
  • New Facebook Terms: What Marketers Need to Know

    …, but you’re only affected if you choose to buy things with your phone. 4. In the new Data Policy Facebook explicitly mentions that they are collecting device location information about you by using GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi signals This change has seemingly caused the biggest stir. People are interpreting this to be a big change, but it really isn’t…

    Andrea Vahl/ Social Media Examinerin Social Facebook- 84 readers -
  • Six Mobile Marketing Predictions for 2015

    … with the much-anticipated Apple Watch announcement. This still-unreleased product managed to overshadow smartwatch releases from all other major consumer electronics manufacturers. Combined with the massive success of this year's iPhone 6, Apple's Midas touch is not wearing out any time soon. In 2015, the wearable trend has the potential to redefine…

    MarketingProfsin Mobile Facebook Twitter YouTube- 19 readers -
  • 6 Tools SMBs Can Use to Push Mobile Ads

    … location-based advertising tools. Businesses can set up their own mobile ads in as little as five minutes, and they can push those ads out to mobile users in any town they select. Cidewalk differentiates itself from competitors thanks in part to the places where its ads run — Cidewalk ads appear on more than 10,000 mobile apps, including The Weather…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fightin Mobile- 12 readers -
  • Exit Interview: Thinknear Founder Eli Portnoy Leaves Telenav

    … that no one thought we’re going to pan out. Everyone thought there would be a scale issue. They thought it was so far afield from how advertisers were thinking about things that they wouldn’t be using it widely. Looking back, those things really did happen. Pretty much every brand at this point has, or is trying to, deploy a location-based advertising…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Mobile Google- 12 readers -
  • Report: Mobile Location-Based Ads Improve Targeting, Engagement, Creative

    … Report: Mobile Location-Based Ads Improve Targeting, Engagement, Creative September 30, 2014 - Posted by Dex Media Contributor to News An emerging report by Thinknear/Telenav indicates that mobile, location-based advertising helps marketers to improve targeting, engagement, and creative. Of course, this is all based on using accurate data…

    Dex Media- 4 readers -
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