Location-Based Marketing

  • Why Location Visit Data Is Going to Be Huge for Brands

    … The history of location data has been largely written by a market that buys audience segments for look-back retargeting. That means a DSP, DMP or agency trading desk, can buy a segment for their commercial use. Keep in mind, this data has already been pre-packaged by the location provider, so it has little use other than for retargeting…

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  • How Sports Marketers Can Extend Their Brand and Win Big This Summer

    …. Meanwhile, brands are exceeding these numbers with their marketing dollars. With so much opportunity—and competition—how can marketers stand out from the crowd and forge meaningful relationships with sports fans? We’ve put together some best practices that will enable marketers to identify their perfect audiences and build lifelong relationships…

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  • Rover’s New Location-Based Mobile Marketing Platform Focuses on ‘Experiences’

    … Rover, a location-based mobile marketing company, launched a platform this morning that provides marketers with the tools to create and manage location-based advertising campaigns and experiences — with the aim of using data to bolster user engagement. The platform looks like a dashboard containing a number of apps that encompass the various…

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