Location-Based Services

    • Foursquare Data Shows Up Today in More Places Than You’d Think

      Foursquare has come a long way since its launch in 2009 as a pioneer of the check-in. I remember it well. Along with competitor Gowalla, which got absorbed into Facebook in 2012, Foursquare made quite a splash with the novel concept that users could click a button to share their location with friends and compete for badges and the much-coveted position of “mayor” at a local venue.

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  • #SFSNYC: At JPMorgan Chase, the Value of Location Is as a Signal of Intent

    … of location as a signal of intent, is very similar to the way search marketing works, when people type into Google and what problem they are trying to solve. Google’s been very successful as a platform for marketers to put relevant products or services in front of people as they raise their hands up. In the physical world, there is a similar type of effect…

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  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk — There’s a ‘Mode’ for That

    … reps’ suggestions. We hired many students at every major university and surveyed them to find the best places to go out. We also took in user suggestions when we first launched the feature. Now, the X-Mode [see below] network is powering our HotSpots, not with only Drunk Mode users, but numerous partners via our SDK (which also helps developers…

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  • Yext Gets in the Customer Engagement Xone

    … Yext Gets in the Customer Engagement Xone September 30, 2015 by Noah Elkin Leave a Comment Filed Under: Features, News Fast-growing Yext, which continues to add senior-level executives at an impressive clip, is also broadening its suite of location-based targeting products with the launch this week of Xone (pronounced “zone”), a beacon-based…

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  • Sense360 Launches Developer Platform to Unlock Mobile Sensor Data

    … of getting people to understand this is coming to people with very specific use cases. … We’re doing a lot of underlying infrastructure and tech, but the question shouldn’t be “do you want to use sensors?” It should be “do you want to know specifically what your users are doing so that you can do X, Y, and Z?” It’s a nuanced sale and a lot of creative thinking around it. David Hirschman is Street Fight’s co-founder and chief operating officer. …

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