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    • 10 Logo Designs To Inspire Your Rebranding

      Establishing a strong logo design is key to building a visual identity for your company and developing your brand. But in today’s ever-changing and increasingly connected global marketplace, making sure that your logo works on a multitude of platforms is essential. This means taking a hard look at mobile app and web design elements to ensure that your brand is honing in on new interfaces—i.e.

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  • 3 fundamental strategies to get a winning logo

    … Logo design seems simple. but it’s worth the time to do it right. Here are three strategies to help you get the most out of your logo design. Everybody has a logo. Little League teams have logos. Hair salons have logos. Big companies, small companies…everybody. A few of the logos are actually good. By “good”, I don’t mean that I like them. I…

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  • What Can Brands Learn from Logo Design Fails?

    … We are bombarded by around 3500 marketing messages a day. Yet according to the Guardian, 99% of these make no impact on us. Marketers and brand owners strive to become part of the 1% that engage audiences and get us to look up from our busy lives. However, sometimes it’s important to be careful what we want. Many famous brands have…

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  • B2C Logo Redesigns: Another Look at Company Rebranding

    … design for the symbol that represents your brand is one of the core elements of a rebranding. In a recent post, our talented team of designers highlighted some of their favorite logo redesigns to help readers better understand what goes into something like that and the deeper meaning that these symbols have for each respective brand. Today, our…

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  • Logo Redesigns: Taking a Deeper Look at Company Rebranding

    …, they created a black and white version of the logo so that it can be readapted and customized to match the coloring of each individual team within the league itself. Therefore each team can rebrand the logo to match THEIR specific branding. This design was done with a 360 degree approach, with careful consideration of who and what the new logo would impact…

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  • How to Find Perfect Custom Graphic Designs at Designhill

    … Custom Graphic Designs The way this type of graphic design site works is that you create what they call a “contest” and designers submit preliminary designs. The first step is to decide what kind of graphic you want. If you’re going to eventually want multiple types, choose one for now. Once you find the design and designer you like best you can…

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  • Logo Update: 5 Tips to Rebranding Your Logo Design

    … As the digital world has become such a large part of our lives, we have seen companies go through rebranding to adapt their logos and to be more suitable for online marketing. If your logo doesn’t convert well on a website or Facebook page, it may be time to redesign. Often it is complex logos that see these updates first. Designs with too much…

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  • The Logo Design Process: A Complete Guide for Your Business

    … Strong brand awareness, or the extent to which your company is appropriately recognized for what you do, is necessary for business success. To foster this sort of association between your brand and the services you offer or products you sell, a distinct, well-designed logo that represents your brand identity is crucial. The best logo designs…

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  • Color Makes a Lasting Impression in Logo Design [Infographic]

    … When it comes to designing a logo, color makes the biggest splash. Although most people can easily recite a list of colors they love along with colors they detest, your logo design needs to go beyond personal preferences. Instead, think of you design from the perspective of your intended audience. Consider how you want potential customers…

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