The Lohana, also referred to as Luvana, are an Indian caste, traditionally largely occupied as merchants. The community originated in Sindh before migrating to Gujarat.The Lohanas are divided into three separate cultural groups as a result of centuries apart in different regions. Thus there are significant differences between the culture, language, professions and societies of Sindhi Lohanas (those who migrated from Sind after partition of India), Kutchi Lohanas (those living or having ancestry in Kutch), and those of Gujarati Lohanas (those living or having ancestry in Saurashtra).
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    This is a guest contribution from Pooja Lohana. Let’s face it. As a blogger, you have a knack to find just one more task that needs to be done. Now. Then there are times when you just don’t feel like doing that pesky little task – the more you think about it, the more you imagine the worst, and the more you procrastinate.

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