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  • Why Your Company Needs to Invest in Long Form Content

    … simply lend themselves to being longer than others. However, all content marketers should integrate long form content (think: posts 2,000+ words) into their blogging strategy. But why? Why publish one huge article when I could simply publish four or five smaller ones? Do my readers really care? Do search engines care? The benefits of long form…

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  • 4 Blog Best Practices for Small Businesses 2016

    … is cluttering your sidebar with too much information. This overwhelms users and defeats the purpose. (Check out this example to get an idea of what “cluttered” looks like). You need a sidebar, but it needs to be simple and functional. That’s the moral of the story. If you don’t currently have one, 2016 is the year to make it happen. Long Form Content…

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  • 3 Ways to Make Your Content Snackable

    …, it has changed the way we communicate. Being forced down to 140 characters has taught us to condense what we need to say into a short, concise main idea. Gone are long Internet ramblings, at least on Twitter. Messages are now about essence, not verbosity, and you should approach your content in the same way. That’s not to say that long-form content…

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  • 4 Ways Marketers Can Get the Most Out of LinkedIn

    … in LinkedIn’s history. The updates are a form of native advertising, so they adopt the look and feel of an organic post. Companies primarily use them to promote their longform posts, drive traffic to branded content, and increase awareness for upcoming events. LinkedIn’s top-performing Sponsored Updates of 2014, many of which saw engagement rates…

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  • Why Your Content Strategy Needs an Ebook (and How to Create One)

    … For many brands, “writing an ebook” is one of those items that is perpetually on the corporate “to do” list. Yes, you know that it’s probably a good way to boost your digital presence and draw in more viewers and conversions, but it seems like so much work, right? While there’s no denying that an ebook is a major content marketing commitment…

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  • 7 Types of Content That People Love to Share

    …, product reviews, company culture videos and guest interviews, among others. 4. Long Form Content The rise of mobile reading has established a misconception that with smaller screen sizes, one must write shorter, “snackable” content to satisfy the short attention spans of audiences. However, studies by BuzzSumo, and an analysis of the most emailed…

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  • Lessons in Monetizing Content from Marc Maron

    …, to be precise), but a few additional high profile names (Aziz Ansari, Berné Brown, Jon Ronson, to name a few) left some people wondering what in the world they would have to say that’s relevant to a room full of digital marketers. One such speaker was Marc Maron, comedian and host of the wildly popular “WTF” podcast. Maron wasn’t the only comedian…

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  • 7 Types of Content You Still Aren’t Creating But Should Be

    … Content Marketing, Infographics, Long Form Content, Micro-Content, Owned Media, Shared Media You can certainly create a killer blog post or an amazing article as the cornerstone of your content. But it’s more efficient and effective in the long term (and often times required for larger organizations) to take a broader view – to create content…

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  • 5 Content Marketing Trends to Follow Right Now

    … to the Salesforce Pardot team, by the way, for both. Is a cookie content? My stomach thinks so and it’s hard to make a distinction when I’m smiling with crumbs on my new logo hoodie while skimming a new corporate blog post. 5. Long Form Content Some of my favorite blog posts lately have been on the long side. And I know I’m not the only one who’s…

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  • Storytelling: Are You Doing It Wrong?

    … marketing communications further down the funnel. In today’s crowded marketing environment, your potential audience is drowning in a vast ocean of content. You need clear advantages over your competitors to win their attention. When your brand develops a reputation for producing compelling, entertaining, emotional stories , your content will stand out and get noticed in a big, bold way. …

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  • Is It Time to Re-Think Long-Form Content?

    … the data gleaned by Medium, which says the ideal blog post is about seven minutes long. That translates to around 1,600 words. Medium took a look at the average seconds spent on their posts, then compared that total to the actual length of posts. The reason, of course, should be obvious: Readers appreciate content with thought and effort put…

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