Long Tail Keywords

  • Data-Backed Tips to Get More Traffic

    … of traffic to your website. Most techniques are not new or earth-shattering, but they are reliable and effective. Try one out—or better yet, a combination—and start tracking your website growth today. TAGS: guest blogging, guest posting, influencer marketing, long tail keywords, partner, Pay-Per-Click, PPC, search traffic, social traffic, The Skyscraper Technique, website traffic 29 …

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  • SEO Power: It’s All In the Long Tail Keywords

    … is a solution… The problem is actually easier to solve than you realize, and it lies with a phrase called: long tail keywords. What Are Long Tail Keywords? People are searching more specifically these days, and often with complete sentences. So instead of: best restaurant Zurich (yes I live near Zurich) People are now writing (or talking) : What…

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  • Why Focus on Long Tail Keywords?

    … strategy. These words should be central in the long tail keywords you aim your website to rank for. People using the terms of your mission and finding your website will be relatively small in volume, but these people do have the highest chances to buy your product or to become regular visitors. This post originally appeared on Yoast, and is re-published with permission. Featured Image: Jirsak via Shutterstock You Might Also Like …

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  • The Clix Marketing Blog’s Weekly #PPC News & Views: July 18, 2014

    … Delivery Status Insight: Bing continues to deliver Googley types of stats. The newest round includes estimated bid suggestions and more in depth status reports as columns in the Bing Ads interface. Google AdWords A simpler way to manage your business locations in AdWords: Location extensions just got upgraded to work seamlessly with your Google My Business account. Scale your Shopping campaigns with bulk uploads and AdWords Editor: Let’s be honest, the title kinda says it all. Check out the post for details. …

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  • How Using Long-Tail Keywords Can Increase Your Sales

    … engine optimization. What Are Long-Tail Keywords? Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are long and specific. For example, if you were a customer, and if you were looking to buy a black Halloween costume for your son, what would you type in the search engine? Would you type “Halloween costume” or “children’s costume” or “black costume…

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