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  • Affiliate Marketing and Believing in Your Self

    … or just have some ‘gift’. Completely not true. Almost every business that’s made it ridiculously big started in someones garage with some coke and pizza. Think Apple, think Microsoft. All I can say is don’t hang around people that don’t believe in you. Hang around forums, meetup groups, people that believe and give you the confidence to keep going. I…

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  • Affiliate Marketing is like Hunting For Golden Nuggets

    … nuggets you have at one time, the more you’ll be making every day. It’s as simple as that. . For example, if miner Joe digs 5 holes before he gives up gold hunting compared to miner Terry who digs 200, who’s more likely to find at least one golden nugget? Miner Terry of course. Yes, they both might not find one but what if miner Terry dug 1000…

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  • February 2014 Report [Month #8]

    … into a routine of consistently building campaigns. I don’t know if I’ve said this in the past but I ensure I have a ‘campaign building’ part of my day where I ONLY focus on building new campaigns. I spend about 2-4 hours a day building, 1-4 Teespring + FB/Google Campaigns 5-10 SaS + Google Campaigns 1-2 PPV/PPcall/Random Campaigns Much…

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  • Thinking about your demographic FIRST

    … are my customers at? Find a hungry market and give them what they want. This is how things started to change. Instead of picking a product first I started to think about the people. This can be well illustrated with Teespring. I do a lot of this and recently started to go heavy on testing things on FaceBook. I will admit, Facebook has been…

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  • Affplaybook In-Depth Review

    … If you’ve been a member of my blog and have read a good amount of my posts, you would have noticed I speak a lot about AffPlaybook. I’ve been getting quite a few questions about the forum and realized it’s time to do a proper AffPlaybook review style post highlighting why I love this place. The Importance of Coaching/Direction when Beginning [$20…

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  • June 2015 Income Report | Month #24 | $3,111.12

    … PAID ADVERTISING EFFORTS REVENUE: $423.00 COST: $1,776.78 P/L: - $1,353.78 BLOG INCOME $4,464.90 TOTAL $3,111,12 U.S.D First Completely Red Month! This is the first time I’ve had not a single day in profit! It was a bit of a shock at the start but as I analysed my work it became clearer to me why. Most of this month was spent working…

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  • How To Use FaceBook Audience Insights For Laser Targeting

    … Audience Insights is possibly the BEST Marketing tool out there for FaceBook Marketers. Not many people know how to use it right though so I thought I’d make an article about it. Maybe even a video sometime later. What is Audience Insights? Audience Insights is a demographic research tool FaceBook Released last year. It can be accessed from…

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  • Hitting 143K Profit in 2014 – A Recap

    … was getting when i was employed), but I did eventually. If you were to put all that ‘I need to hit $100 profit days within a month’ expectations away then your more likely to stick to this long enough to make it work. I find myself saying this over and over again. Internet Marketing is a marathon not a race. Start With Working Models When I first…

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  • October 2014 Income Report | Month #16 | + $2,671.33 PROFIT,

    … REVENUE: $9,180.17 COST: $11,851.50 P/L: + $2,671.33 I think this month really highlights how inconsistent this business really is. I have numbers ranging from high to low reds to high to low greens. It gets annoying sometimes as you just don’t know where your business is heading. You can’t relax because you need to be keeping a hawk eye…

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  • Aff PlayBook Introduces $1 TRIAL (Limited Access)

    … I’ve been with Aff PlayBook ever since I started this blog. They’ve been directly responsible for me hitting six figures this year and 95% of my ideas and inspiration comes from something I’ve read in that forum. Recently, David introduced a Trial Offer aimed at those that want a sneak peak into what the forum has to offer. I’ve done a pretty… 54 readers -
  • What I learned Making my First 100k Profit in AM

    … of this becoming my Full-Time income and once again, that Affiliate Marketing was VERY real. Affiliate Marketing Needs a Full-Time Focus Although I started in July 2013, the idea of AM was not new to me. A friend had introduced it to me before and I was mega hooked at the start. He introduced me to a lot of grey/black hat stuff which nowadays will get you…

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