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  • Affiliate Marketing and Believing in Your Self

    … I’ll start with a question. “What’s the difference between someone that achieves their dreams, no matter HOW big they are and someone that doesn’t?” Answer: The simple but strong belief in one self that he or she can achieve whatever they set their minds to. Don’t get me wrong, there have been countless times when I thought I wouldn’t make…

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  • Affiliate Marketing is like Hunting For Golden Nuggets

    … nuggets you have at one time, the more you’ll be making every day. It’s as simple as that. . For example, if miner Joe digs 5 holes before he gives up gold hunting compared to miner Terry who digs 200, who’s more likely to find at least one golden nugget? Miner Terry of course. Yes, they both might not find one but what if miner Terry dug 1000…

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  • February 2014 Report [Month #8]

    … goal. While I was overseas, I had a few days where I had a couple of hours to kill. I took out my laptop and started listing down where I wanted to be one month, two months and even three months from now. I jotted down the following things, $500-$1,000 a day profit consistently 50-100 popshops A very active blog 3-5 websites I’m generating…

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  • Affplaybook In-Depth Review

    … you should be able to get your first profitable campaign! Community There are some serious millionaires in this forum. All who participate fairly regularly and are there to advise newbies. You don’t want advice from people who are just beginning or still learning lessons as it doesn’t come with experience backing it. When making money it’s better…

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  • June 2015 Income Report | Month #24 | $3,111.12

    … topics. Remember, no matter how many courses you buy and read, you won’t get results unless you follow it up with a large amount of ACTION. The goal is to get you up to speed to compete with everyone else. It should be beneficial to everyone and anyone no matter what level you’re on but is specifically tailored to newbies/intermediate affiliates…

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  • How To Use FaceBook Audience Insights For Laser Targeting

    … Audience Insights is possibly the BEST Marketing tool out there for FaceBook Marketers. Not many people know how to use it right though so I thought I’d make an article about it. Maybe even a video sometime later. What is Audience Insights? Audience Insights is a demographic research tool FaceBook Released last year. It can be accessed from…

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  • Hitting 143K Profit in 2014 – A Recap

    … In the first month of 2014 I had set a goal of hitting 150k Profit for that year. Coming from someone who made barely 2-3k in 2013 and had little to no idea about affiliate marketing this seemed quite difficult to do. Did I reach it? Well, Kind of. Revenue: $314,027.46 Cost: $170,571.46 ———————————- Profit: $143,455.96 USD $150,628.76 AUD…

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  • October 2014 Income Report | Month #16 | + $2,671.33 PROFIT,

    … enough to cover their cost. I think it’s a good move to get more newbies into the game. Selling 10 was a bit of a challenge but selling 5 should make it MUCH more easier. Joining StackThatMoney In my moment of ‘seeing what else is out there’, I decided to join StackThatMoney Forums. Along with Aff PlayBook and IMGrind, it was the 3rd big forum out…

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  • Aff PlayBook Introduces $1 TRIAL (Limited Access)

    … thorough review of Aff Playbook. You can read that before you join. The deal is $1 for 3 days Limited Access. You’ll be able to check out the newbie corner which includes, - Success Stories, - Announcements - Contests, - Etc. The Offer itself is in Trial mode. Not sure how long David will keep this going so I definitely think this is the best… 52 readers -
  • What I learned Making my First 100k Profit in AM

    … to anything else affiliate marketing related. For example I learnt about the importance of layering when marketing my Teespring campaigns on FB. I will use the same strategy now with other traffic sources and offers. To Make Big $$ You need Good Quality Traffic, and a LOT of it A lot of newbies like to play it safe and so will sign up to 7Search…

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  • How I Track my Affiliate Marketing Profit/Loss

    … A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post titled ‘Why Accountants Make GREAT Entrepreneurs‘. The theme of the post was outlining how a numbers focus approached is necessary with entrepreneurship. Mike, one of my blog readers suggested I share how I track my numbers and point to any spreadsheets templates that I use. I thought it was a great idea…

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