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  • Affiliate Marketing and Believing in Your Self

    I’ll start with a question. “What’s the difference between someone that achieves their dreams, no matter HOW big they are and someone that doesn’t?” Answer: The simple but strong belief in one self that he or she can achieve whatever they set their minds to. Don’t get me wrong, there have been countless times when I thought I wouldn’t make it. 8 readers -
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  • Affiliate Marketing is like Hunting For Golden Nuggets

    … mode frantically searching for profitable campaigns. During these times, I’m more hesitant to spend money which makes me take longer to find things as my testing budgets are slim. For this reason I now make it a core activity to spend half my working time building completely NEW campaigns. The rest of my times is shared between reading, attempting…

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  • February 2014 Report [Month #8]

    REVENUE: $8,170.49 COST: $4,203.38 P/L: +$3,967.11 Analyzing This Month Another Record Month! (Just). Although February was the shortest month I’ve had so far, (28 days), it’s actually been my most profitable. It’s also been the month where I’ve spent the LEAST amount of time on my business! First week or two I’m not sure about others, but I personally find it difficult ... 16 readers -
  • Affplaybook In-Depth Review

    … If you’ve been a member of my blog and have read a good amount of my posts, you would have noticed I speak a lot about AffPlaybook. I’ve been getting quite a few questions about the forum and realized it’s time to do a proper AffPlaybook review style post highlighting why I love this place. The Importance of Coaching/Direction when Beginning [$20…

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  • June 2015 Income Report | Month #24 | $3,111.12

    … PAID ADVERTISING EFFORTS REVENUE: $423.00 COST: $1,776.78 P/L: - $1,353.78 BLOG INCOME $4,464.90 TOTAL $3,111,12 U.S.D First Completely Red Month! This is the first time I’ve had not a single day in profit! It was a bit of a shock at the start but as I analysed my work it became clearer to me why. Most of this month was spent working…

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  • How To Use FaceBook Audience Insights For Laser Targeting

    … Audience Insights is possibly the BEST Marketing tool out there for FaceBook Marketers. Not many people know how to use it right though so I thought I’d make an article about it. Maybe even a video sometime later. What is Audience Insights? Audience Insights is a demographic research tool FaceBook Released last year. It can be accessed from…

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  • Hitting 143K Profit in 2014 – A Recap

    … In the first month of 2014 I had set a goal of hitting 150k Profit for that year. Coming from someone who made barely 2-3k in 2013 and had little to no idea about affiliate marketing this seemed quite difficult to do. Did I reach it? Well, Kind of. Revenue: $314,027.46 Cost: $170,571.46 ———————————- Profit: $143,455.96 USD $150,628.76 AUD…

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  • October 2014 Income Report | Month #16 | + $2,671.33 PROFIT,

    … enough to cover their cost. I think it’s a good move to get more newbies into the game. Selling 10 was a bit of a challenge but selling 5 should make it MUCH more easier. Joining StackThatMoney In my moment of ‘seeing what else is out there’, I decided to join StackThatMoney Forums. Along with Aff PlayBook and IMGrind, it was the 3rd big forum out…

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  • Aff PlayBook Introduces $1 TRIAL (Limited Access)

    … I’ve been with Aff PlayBook ever since I started this blog. They’ve been directly responsible for me hitting six figures this year and 95% of my ideas and inspiration comes from something I’ve read in that forum. Recently, David introduced a Trial Offer aimed at those that want a sneak peak into what the forum has to offer. I’ve done a pretty… 55 readers -
  • What I learned Making my First 100k Profit in AM

    Bare with me, this post might be long! So I’ve been in the affiliate space full-time for just over a year, (started in July 2013). Since I’ve been able to focus 100% of my time on this business, I’ve been able to learn a heck of a lot about paid advertising and the AM space in general. I passed 100k profit in April so this type of post is insanely overdue. 11 readers -
  • How I Track my Affiliate Marketing Profit/Loss

    … and today I wanted to do just that! I have a few spreadsheets I use to track all the necessary data I need to ensure I know where I stand at any given point. I’ll go through the main ones, Note 1: There’s probably a way better way to do this but I’m old school and stubborn :p Note 2: All numbers and traffic sources are made up. Teespring…

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