Lvl3: Making Sales

  • Affiliate Marketing is like Hunting For Golden Nuggets

    … nuggets you have at one time, the more you’ll be making every day. It’s as simple as that. . For example, if miner Joe digs 5 holes before he gives up gold hunting compared to miner Terry who digs 200, who’s more likely to find at least one golden nugget? Miner Terry of course. Yes, they both might not find one but what if miner Terry dug 1000…

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  • How To Use FaceBook Audience Insights For Laser Targeting

    … Audience Insights is possibly the BEST Marketing tool out there for FaceBook Marketers. Not many people know how to use it right though so I thought I’d make an article about it. Maybe even a video sometime later. What is Audience Insights? Audience Insights is a demographic research tool FaceBook Released last year. It can be accessed from…

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