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    • Google Photos Now Offers Improved Auto Enhance, ‘Looks’, More

      Google released three updates in Google Photos, which will allow users to improve the appearance of their pictures. First, Google said it improved the platform’s auto enhance feature. Users can activate auto enhance on a picture by tapping on a picture and then tapping the pencil button to edit it. From there, they can select the “Auto” option to see the enhanced version of the photo.

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  • Google’s Gary Illyes on Emerging Search Trends

    … create websites that are both user and search-engine-friendly. When he’s not looking for ways to improve web search, Gary can be found helping webmasters on social media, such as Google Plus and Twitter, and at conferences, doing all kinds of stuff. So, you also told me you’re pretty instrumental now on the webmaster PR side of things, so that’s…

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  • Why Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Search

    … to the search algorithm. In this episode of #HeresWhyMonday, Stone Temple CEO Eric Enge and Sr. Director of Marketing Mark Traphagen explain what machine learning is, and why it is changing everything about search and SEO. If the video helps you understand this topic better, please use the share buttons to let others know about it. Thanks! Don’t…

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  • The Future of Digital Marketing and SEO

    …. Ask what are their related needs. Ask what are their ancillary needs. Search engines are probably beginning to measure some form of CEO. Design your web experiences to meet those needs. 5. Deep Learning: Humans and machines think differently. Google’s DeepMind project is teaching machines to read, view and comprehend what humans read…

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  • Knowledge Graph Advances From Google

    …Query Sequences and the Knowledge Graph Recently we showed that Google is ahead of the competition when it comes to showing answer boxes in search. Google is not one to rest on its laurels, and they continuously work on improving their Knowledge Graph capabilities. In today’s post, I will explore a number of the more novel variants that they have…

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