Machine Intelligence

  • Google Photos Now Offers Improved Auto Enhance, ‘Looks’, More

    … based on the individual photo and its brightness, darkness, warmth or saturation before applying the style. All looks use machine intelligence to complement the content of your photo, and choosing one is just a matter of taste. Finally, the app’s new advanced editing tools allow users to manually edit the light and color of each image…

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  • Google’s Featured Snippets: Machine Driven Continuous Improvement

    … for the featured snippet than it did in July 2015. 55% of Google Featured Snippets are new or have new URL since 2015.Click To Tweet This seems to indicate that Google is using a deliberate machine driven process to optimize their use of featured snippets. They test different featured snippets on a rapid basis in order to find the best possible result…

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  • Google’s Gary Illyes on Emerging Search Trends

    …? Yeah, it’s easier. So we’ll settle for that too. So, JG is taking over. And I know you can’t really say too much about him at this point, but one of the things that’s interesting is that he, evidently, led the role of RankBrain and has been integral to machine learning at Google over the past few years. Does that mean that we’re going to see…

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  • Why Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Search

    … to the search algorithm. In this episode of #HeresWhyMonday, Stone Temple CEO Eric Enge and Sr. Director of Marketing Mark Traphagen explain what machine learning is, and why it is changing everything about search and SEO. If the video helps you understand this topic better, please use the share buttons to let others know about it. Thanks! Don’t…

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  • The Future of Digital Marketing and SEO

    On November 10, 2015 about 100 Boston-area marketers, SEOs, and other professionals gathered at a Newton MA restaurant to hear Stone Temple Consulting founder and CEO Eric Enge present his insights on “The Future of Digital Marketing and SEO.” The event celebrated the recent release of the third edition of the highly popular book The Art of SEO, published by O’Reilly Media.

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  • Knowledge Graph Advances From Google

    …Query Sequences and the Knowledge Graph Recently we showed that Google is ahead of the competition when it comes to showing answer boxes in search. Google is not one to rest on its laurels, and they continuously work on improving their Knowledge Graph capabilities. In today’s post, I will explore a number of the more novel variants that they have…

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