Machine Learning

Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, concerns the construction and study of systems that can learn from data.For example, a machine learning system could be trained on email messages to learn to distinguish between spam and non-spam messages. After learning, it can then be used to classify new email messages into spam and non-spam folders.The core of machine learning deals with representation and generalization. Representation of data instances and functions evaluated on these instances are part of all machine learning systems.
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  • Introducing Gradient Ventures

    … progress, including Algorithmia, a marketplace for algorithms and functions, and Cogniac, a suite of tools used to create and manage visual models. Through AI, yesterday's science fiction is becoming today's nonfiction. There's everything to reimagine as we usher in this new era of technology—and we're excited to work with entrepreneurs to start building it. …

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  • PAIR: the People + AI Research Initiative

    …. Today we’re announcing the People + AI Research initiative (PAIR) which brings together researchers across Google to study and redesign the ways people interact with AI systems. The goal of PAIR is to focus on the "human side" of AI: the relationship between users and technology, the new applications it enables, and how to make it broadly inclusive…

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  • How Google Cloud is transforming Japanese businesses

    … landscape. Furthermore, it plans to use big data analysis and machine learning to develop new ways of managing store operations. The project, — dubbed “Famima 10x” — kicks off by introducing G Suite to facilitate a more flexible work style and encourage a more collaborative, innovative culture. Modernizing food production with cloud computing…

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  • Google, Signature Cocktails & Audience Labs

    …. Creative, clever and appealing to their target audience… A bunch of PPC nerds! In a different venue with a different segment of their business this unique personalization would have fallen flat. Which is a great segue to the purpose of Google’s onsite visit. They made the trek to Indiana to present and have us participate in an Audience Lab…

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  • AlphaGo’s next move

    … of this beautiful and ancient game. Over the last five days we have been honoured to witness games of the highest calibre. Ke Jie has a laugh after game two against AlphaGo on May 25, 2017 (Photo credit: Google) We have always believed in the potential for AI to help society discover new knowledge and benefit from it, and AlphaGo has given us…

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  • Visualize data instantly with machine learning in Google Sheets

    … visualizing data even more effortless. If you don’t see the chart you need, just ask. Instead of manually building charts, ask Explore to do it by typing in “histogram of 2017 customer ratings” or “bar chart for ice cream sales.” Less time spent building charts means more time acting on new insights. Instantly sync your data from Sheets → Docs…

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  • AlphaGo’s next move

    … Cross-posted from the DeepMind blog With just three stones on the board, it was clear that this was going to be no ordinary game of Go. Chinese Go Grandmaster and world number one Ke Jie departed from his typical style of play and opened with a “3:3 point” strategy—a highly unusual approach aimed at quickly claiming corner territory…

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