Magento Performance

  • Improving Magento Performance and Your Business Results

    … Magento is recognized as a top e-commerce platform, powering up to one-third of all online retail websites. Its massive user base and developer network create an ecosystem where, without much technical expertise, almost anyone can get an e-commerce site up and running quickly. However, there’s a downside: Magento can be heavy and slow…

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  • Webinar materials: Speed up Magento: Why and How?

    … speed optimization is currently a trend among online marketers and SEOs too. We would like to thank everyone who signed up and attended the webinar and would also like to share its materials with those who are really preoccupied with their stores performance and Magento SEO issues, but failed to sign up for the session on time. Please feel free to check and download the slides - And once in a while check this page to see what our upcoming webinar is going to be about. …

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