Majority Vote

The plurality voting system is a single-winner voting system often used to elect executive officers or to elect members of a legislative assembly which is based on single-member constituencies. This voting method is also used in multi-member constituencies in what is referred to as an exhaustive counting system where one member is elected at a time and the process repeated until the number of vacancies is filled.The most common system, used in Canada, the lower house (Lok Sabha) in India, the United Kingdom, and most elections in the United States, is simple plurality, first-past-the-post or single-choice voting.
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  • Internet Oversight Transition Already Proving to be a Big Mistake

    … started down a wrong path. Last month, the group proposed changing its bylaws to rubber-stamp government decisions unless two-thirds of the Icann board objects. As a result, Iran has proposed that the government group move to majority voting from the current consensus approach. That would enable the world’s majority of authoritarian governments…

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