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    • Retirement and Making Money After Work

      Retirement and Making Money After Work April 21, 2017 By Erik Emanuelli Leave a Comment I recently retired and was trying to find ways of keeping myself busy without annoying the wife! Usually I spend most of my day outside with the cars – I’ve always been a bit of an enthusiast; going to races and rallies and I have had my share of vintage motors.

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    • An Extra Income… What Are My Options?

      We could always do with a little more money, couldn’t we? A constant flurry of rising costs means we are all tightening our purse strings that little bit more with every passing year, and with the tightening comes more worry. Ever since the crash in 2008, the impact has been seen around the western world, and some of us are still feeling those repercussions.

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  • Profitable Kindle Keyword Research – Finding The Next Best Seller On Amazon

    …, then it is not worth spending any time creating a book around. The first thing to do in order to make sure your book idea stands a good chance of making you money is to verify the following: Type the keyword phrase you have already validated via KW Finder or Google Keyword Planner into the Kindle store on Amazon. Choose the top 14 books…

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  • The Trump FTC Agenda: Could it be Welcome News for Marketers?

    … Post Views Today: 54 This post is by William Rothbard from reposted here with permission. I highly recommend getting on Williams email list to stay on top of the lastest FTC news. Elections do matter. On January 25, President Trump named Republican Federal Trade Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen as acting chair of the agency…

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  • 7 Personal Branding Tips to Increase Trust and Business Growth

    … to break it all down… but guess what? It is a lot of work… and 2,500-words later, I hope you are starting to see the value in what I have to offer, and why putting this type of content out there also helps grow my brand and trust in the process. People need to stop thinking it’s easy to run your own business and make money online. Sure, some…

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  • 4 Ways to Turn Your Existing Site Content into Millions

    … In the world of blogging and content creation, the dream of successfully making enough to quit your day job is often times just a dream. In my previous article titled “Make Blogging Great Again in 2017“, I covered five of the most common reasons why people fail to find financial success with blogging. More than anything else, it’s a lack…

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  • How To Boost Your Earning Potential By Borrowing Money

    … (And Make Money With It) – Step by Step Guide Invest Taking on debt to pay for an investment can be risky but it can significantly increase your earning potential if the investment works out. The goal is to have your borrowing costs increase at a lower rate than your investment. This way, you’re making money out of the investment and you’re still able…

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  • Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer

    … Day in the Life of an Internet Marketer Latasha Doyle January 28, 2017 If you’ve ever heard someone call themselves an “internet marketer,” you might have wondered what exactly that entailed. At we took the liberty of creating an infographic of a typical day in the life of a marketer. Everyday I’m Hustlin’ As you can see, the day…

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  • Rocking International affiliate offers from Adcombo

    … offers. All in competitive industries. Also all of their offers are Exclusive, meaning you will not find them at any other network. Something that really makes them stand out is that they do what they refer to as “Cash On Delivery”, Which is a very innovative model for publishers in that you get money added to your account. For example you have…

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  • 5 Ways to Make Blogging Great Again in 2017

    … people still blogging and seeing minimal to no results in terms of traffic and money? Simple… people are way too focused on the traditional concept of blogging and thinking ‘if they build it, they will come’. That simply isn’t the case. Today I’m going to provide you with five ways to help you make blogging great again (for your brand…

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  • My Passive Income Obsession, Stalled Niche Idea & Word of The Year

    … Haaaaaaaapy New Year!!! Hope you had a fabulous Holiday. Mine was filled with food, family, friends and fun! I went on an Internet detox after Thanksgiving and greatly limited the time I spent online in the last month of the year. It always feels very weird when you first disconnect because you feel like you’re missing out on so much, and I…

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  • 3 Simple Tips I’ve Used To Make Money Online For The Last 18 Years

    … December 28, 1998 will always be a day I remember for as long as I live. It was the day I decided I wanted my own website and built, my first website. At the time I knew nothing about developing websites. I had never had a HTML class nor did I know the first […] The post 3 Simple Tips I’ve Used To Make Money Online For The Last 18 Years appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • How to Save Money on Your Email Marketing

    … Recently I decided to re-activate one of my email lists (that is, to start sending emails to the subscribers again). The list has around 50,000 subscribers, so I started comparing the prices of email marketing providers for a list of that size. I went to Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse. They prices were pretty similar, gravitating around…

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  • 8 Features To Make More Money Reselling Hosting

    … It would be an understatement to say the web hosting industry is crowded with competition! Since the mid 1990s, hundreds of thousands of companies have came and gone to serve web hosting needs. I’ve always considered it the “water” of the Internet as you cannot get online without adequate hosting and domain management. So to […] The post 8 Features To Make More Money Reselling Hosting appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • How To Set Up Your Sales Funnel To Make Money On Repeat

    … to the actual content you include in your funnel, it really has to be amazing high value (well, assuming you want to actually make money from it). Your follow up sequence has to be value-packed, give steps that people can take action on right away to see results with. Sure, people need to know you’re in business and you don’t want to build a list…

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