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    • How to Save Money on Your Email Marketing

      Recently I decided to re-activate one of my email lists (that is, to start sending emails to the subscribers again). The list has around 50,000 subscribers, so I started comparing the prices of email marketing providers for a list of that size. I went to Aweber, MailChimp and GetResponse. They prices were pretty similar, gravitating around $300/month for a list 50,000 subscr ...

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    • My Passive Income Obsession, Stalled Niche Idea & Word of The Year

      Haaaaaaaapy New Year!!! Hope you had a fabulous Holiday. Mine was filled with food, family, friends and fun! I went on an Internet detox after Thanksgiving and greatly limited the time I spent online in the last month of the year. It always feels very weird when you first disconnect because you feel like you’re missing out on so much, and I didn’t like not updating my blog for so long.

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  • 8 Features To Make More Money Reselling Hosting

    … It would be an understatement to say the web hosting industry is crowded with competition! Since the mid 1990s, hundreds of thousands of companies have came and gone to serve web hosting needs. I’ve always considered it the “water” of the Internet as you cannot get online without adequate hosting and domain management. So to […] The post 8 Features To Make More Money Reselling Hosting appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • How To Set Up Your Sales Funnel To Make Money On Repeat

    … If you run any kind of online business, then one thing you really need to have in place is a good sales funnel that can automate your sales process for you so that you can actually create the freedom you desire in, both time and money. Now, just before I get into it, I want to be honest and say that what I’m going to show you here…

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  • Be Like Water And Other Business Wisdom From Bruce Lee

    … The media recently celebrated the life and 11/27 birthday of Bruce Lee, who died at the incredibly young age of 32. If he was still alive today, Bruce would have celebrated his 76th birthday this year. Bruce was best known as an actor and martial artist. But he was also a wise philosopher, filmmaker, and founder of the martial art Jeet Kune Do…

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  • Beyond Blogging: 6 Ways to Expand Your Blog in a New Direction

    … stock of things. You can look closely at the situation and how it might be improved. It might be time to take your blog in an entirely new direction. Or you could just make a few changes that take it to the next level. There are all kinds of ideas that can be employed to take your blog in a new kind of direction. At the end of the day, all…

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  • Be a Strategist, Not an Opportunist

    … Last week I came across an awesome presentation titled “Things I will Tell My Kids if They Become Entrepreneurs.” All the slides and points presented are spot on (which is quite a feat considering there are 127 slides on the presentation!). There was one in particular that made me pause and think for a good while: Opportunistic ≠ Strategist You…

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  • These Are The Best Survey Sites To Make The Most Money

    … Imagine if you could just share your opinion and make money. How great would it be to sit on your couch, in your free time, and make extra money just by saying what you feel about products, services, and newsworthy topics? You’re already doing it with your friends and on Facebook, so why not get paid for it? Well…now’s your chance…

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  • The 6 Figure Product Launch Checklist

    … If you want a stress free launch that maximizes profits then you need to create your own product launch checklist. That might sound like hard work, but I am going to share my personal product launch checklist with you later in this post. This is the same product launch plan that I used to generate $134,171 in just 6 days. What You Will Learn…

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  • The Step By Step Product Launch Formula You MUST Use

    … SamCart for the checkout as it integrated with lots of payment processors so I could switch them out in 1 click if I had a problem but it also made setting up payments plans and split testing the checkout design easy. I may do a more detailed tutorial about the technical setup in the future, including how I automatically send out physical items like…

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  • Why You Should Make Your Own Product (And Not Be An Affiliate)

    … a 1 time payment for you if you’re an affiliate. But when you actually own the product, you can make the same sale and then you can also make more money on the backend since you have a new customer. This allows you to spend more money on advertising, which can get you even more customers. 3. Affiliate marketing without a list is NOT a business…

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  • Why Nobody Buys Your Product or Service

    … your products. For instance when you signup to I give you a free ShoeMoney System account. Give you more free stuff. Talk about why you should listen to me and not these other idiots who have never done anything. Give you more awesome free stuff. Build more trust with you. Then I sell you shit. Go ahead and sign…

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  • 10 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Part-time Job

    … It’s a universal rule that anybody working less than 35 hours/week for a company is called a part-time worker. In the USA, where the freelancing industry is well-developed, a part-time worker is open to receiving some company benefits. But you can’t expect the same facility where this concept is still in its nascent phase. Apart from checking out…

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